How to Clean the Liquid Scanner Glass?

In most circumstances, liquids must be put in a quart-size bag, with each container of liquid inspection of holding less than 3.4 ounces of liquid and scanned in the baggage x ray scanner separate from other carry-on baggage, based on the TSA website. For parents traveling with infants or toddlers, this law is exempted for breast milk, juice or formula. Parents traveling with more than 3.4 ounces of juice or milk should take only what is needed for travel and must state the liquids to the TSA screening officer. Moreover, liquid-filled teethers and baby food are admitted to pass through the liquid scanner as section of carry-on baggage when traveling with little children.

One affair you can do to maintain yourcargo inspection looking crisp and clear is to regularly clean the liquid scanner glass. Fingerprints, stains, hair and dust on the liquid scanner glass can decelerate performance and influence the precision of some of the scanner’s traits containing the Fit to Page function. Cleaning the liquid scanner glass is not difficult to do and only costs a couple of minutes.

Position the "On/Off" button at the left hand area of the control panel on the front of the liquid scanner. Make sure that the liquid scanner is turned off. If the liquid scanner is not off, press the "On/Off" button and hold until the power turns off.

Unplug the power wire of the liquid scanner from the electrical outlet. Raise the scanner cover to its completely opened location.

Moisten a soft cloth or sponge with a non-coarse glass cleaner. Clean the liquid scanner glass by softly mopping the moistened soft cloth across the surface of the glass. Dry the liquid scanner glass with a chamois to avoid spotting. Examine the scanner glass to ensure a thorough cleaning.

Raise the lid of the automatic feeder laid to the left of the liquid scanner glass. Lift the automatic feeder situated under the lid to show another glass strip. Clean the glass strip by softly mopping the moistened soft cloth across the surface of the glass. Dry the glass strip with a chamois to prevent smearing.

Return the automatic feeder mechanism to its primitive location. Close the automatic feeder lid. Close the liquid scanner cover.

Plug the power wire into an electrical outlet. Press and release the x-ray security machine" button one time to turn the liquid scanner on. Reset the time and date.

When you unplug the power wire, the date and time will be wiped. Once you plug the power wire back in you will require to reset the date and time.

Remain liquids far away from the control panel and all internal sections of the liquid scanner. Never pour or spray liquid straightly on the scanner glass. Liquid might leak under the glass and harm the unit.

Never utilize cleaning products which consist of abradants, acetone, benzene, or carbon tetrachloride on the liquid scanner glass. They can destroy it.

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