Seungyoon Is Always Eating!!!!

3rd reason you choose Seungyoon as your biad in Winner.

When I was looking for pictures and gifs of Seungyoon...

So many pictures of him eating or drinking popped up!!!

Ummm....I'm not sure if I should be seduced by this picture...or if I should teach Seungyoon how to eat a banana properly.

Awww look at how he wants to share his cereal with us!! So cewt!!


Don't worry Seungyoon!! I'm not judging your eating habits!! It's good to have a healthy eating habit, so keep eating!! c:


I think I should stop looking at this card, I'm hungry now!! Look what you did Seungyoon!! Now I'm hungry!! xc


So if you love food then you should definetly choose Seungyoon as your bias!!

*Credit to the owners of all the gifs and pictures*

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