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Chapter 2 - Between You & I

'Ya know, for being as big as it is, who knew there would actually be decent bookstores in L.A. Like finding a needle in a haystack but still, what a cute store.'

'Can't believe I have enough money left over to buy something other than merch. I'm so sorry Starbucks! I'm sorry for having to sacrifice you all summer long!'

'Can I just.... live here? Permanently? I'll put up with the L.A traffic, with the smog in the air, with everything LA has to offer just to stay here in this little piece of heaven.'

'Damn, what is a jewel like this doing here?'

Your fingers automatically reach for it bumping into another hand that was reaching for the same book. You draw your hand back and giggle.

“Sorry, I didn't think we were going for the same book, please, take it.” a deep voice spoke softly.

You run the same hand through your hair,“no no, it's fine.”

“I insist, I was only going to look at it anyways,” the voice continues.

You sigh and turn to owner of the voice, instantly feeling the blood drain from your face when you make eye contact with the man.

He smiles kindly, making your heart pound rapidly against your chest when his dimples appeared, “here, you were looking at it like it meant the world to you anyways.”

His hand reaches for your own and wraps your fingers around the spine. The skin that he touched began to burn. 'No freaking way. Oh my god, this is not happening.'

“I-it's okay, you can have it.”

His smile stretched wider, deepening his dimples as his upper lip curled above his sparkling teeth, “you're too kind. But really, you were here first anyways.”

'This is Kim Namjoon. Rap Mama-fudging Monster! Holy shit he's talking to me! Holy shit he touched my hand! Holy shit!'

His eyebrow raises as he looks at you with curiosity, “are you okay?”

'Shit, shit, shit! Don't let him see the panic in your eyes! He can smell how trash I am for him! Shit shit shit!'

You clear your throat and glance down at the book, running your fingers against its blue clover, “I-I was only remembering the story. I've read it before so y-you can have it.” You hold the book up to him and force yourself to look up at him.

He continues to grin, “finders keepers,” he chuckles softly. A shiver runs down your spine at the sound of his voice reaching your ears in such close proximity. “Take it.”

You swallow hard and reach for his hand, putting the book in his grasp then bowing deeply, “it would be selfish of me to deprive the person I admire most the knowledge that this book contains. Please enjoy it thoroughly like I have in the past.” You raise back up and step around him, quickly making your way out of the bookstore and breaking into a run as soon as you step outside.

You stop running once you turn the corner at the end of the street and find your car. You jump in and immediately smack your head against the steering wheel. “Holy shit that was awkward!” you yell in the safety of your car. “A freaking child would have acted more maturely around him than me! Ugh! Who the hell stutters like that?! Damnit! I just saw him on stage last night, why the hell would he be at a bookstore! He's too..... too..... ughh!” You bury your face in your hands and scream.

You look up and lean your head against the seat, “and I freaking ran. I RAN. From Nam freaking Joon! The man I have the biggest crush on, freaking made me run like the devil was chasing me out of hell! Ughh!”

Your phone beeps with an incoming notification, you pull it out of your pocket and gaze at the screen. A wave of relaxation washes over you when you notice it was from your roommate, Sadie.

“Yo, Paulina is going to take a little longer so go do something else to kill time.”

“I'll be at a cafe, take your time,” you type back into your phone.

She sends you a thumbs up emoji.

'You guys are going to kill me after I tell you the story..... that is, if I don't kill myself first for being so freaking awkward.'

You sigh heavily then sit up properly and insert your keys into the ignition to roar the car to life and roll down the windows, turning on the radio to allow yourself some sort of distraction. Navigating through LA traffic eased your mind due to the heavy concentration. You arrive at the cafe that had been calling your name since you first found it online, and park in its small parking lot.

Upon entering, the bitter smell of fresh coffee beans kissed your nose with a teasing greeting. You breath it in deeply and make your way to the counter to order something off the menu then take a sit in the back of the cafe, isolating yourself from the rest of the world as you search your bag and pull out your headphones and the book you've been reading.

You get up to retrieve your order and bring it back to the table, settling down once more to enjoy another chapter, allowing the imagination to erase the awkwardness still lingering.

“Ahem,” a deep familiar voice makes you freeze on the spot.

Your eyes rise up slowly, taking in the tall thin figure in dark clothing and settling on a pair of deep brown eyes.

The figure shoots you a dimpled grin, “looks like destiny has arranged for us to meet again in the same day. Mind if I take a seat?”

You shake your head slowly, watching as he pulled out the chair across from you and sat down, leaning forward with a grin on his face.

His mouth opens but your ears go mute.

You flinch, “I'm sorry?”

He repeats himself but you fail to hear him once more. The surrounding environment disappears, leaving you and Namjoon in pitch darkness. You look around, confused about what was going on, then notice that Namjoon himself had disappeared. Your heart begins to race with adrenaline. You stand up and call out his name, only to pick up a the faint sound of your own.

“Where are you?” you call out. The voice increased louder and louder until it rang in your ears. “What?” you yelled out.

“I said wake up!”

Your eyes tear open as you spring up from your bed with a gasp.

“Jeez dude, even I'm not that bad with Suga; having dreams and all, even screaming his name,” Sadie grins at you.

You sigh then fall back on the bed, “what time is it?”

“Fifteen till 7. I told ya to wake me up so I could shower but here you are, napping heavier than the people in the library during finals. You're lucky my mom called me a while ago and woke me up or else we would've been hella late and Paulina would have been pissed.”

You groan, “sorry.”

“Come on, get up. We still gotta go get the pizza.”

'it feels like forever since I met you, Namjoon and yet, I just saw you not too long ago. Maybe I'm missing you more this time than last time.'

You grab your phone and unlock it, swiping down to scan through your notifications. You sigh once more when you come up blank and shove your phone into your pocket and get off the bed to change into more comfortable clothes.

'If it's almost 7 here then it's almost noon over there. He's probably still resting or enjoying catching up with the other members.''I hope he's resting well. Mmm, I should have packed him a lunch or something..... Even snacks.... Ugh, Kim Namjoon! Please take care of yourself properly!'

A sudden knock on your door makes your skin crawl with fear. You whirl around and see Sadie standing in the door way changed and ready to go. You grab your bag and slip on your shoes, closing the door gently behind you, trapping inside the reality in your head and allowing reality you pretend to emerge again.

Sadie navigates through the heavy traffic towards Paulina's house, all while jamming out to BTS' latest album. You sing along, destroying the rap verses whenever Namjoon's voice took over the speakers then laughing with Sadie about the what ifs of ever meeting all the members in person.

Paulina's neighborhood was calm and quiet. The two of you hurry inside when she opened the door and immediately greet her parents when you see them in the kitchen.

Paulina leads you both to her room and shuts the door quietly before rushing over and throwing a couple of bean bags on the floor, “okay, let's do this.”

You take a seat by her bed and lean against it, giggling along with Paulina when Sadie began to fangirl over Yoongi and his latest tweet. She flashes her phone in your face, it was a selca of him and the rest of the members eating, but the only thing your eyes focused on was Namjoon's happy face holding up his plate.

“Good, he's eating,” you mutter.

“What?” Paulina says, raising in eyebrow.

“I said, God he's dreamy,” you grin.

Sadie squints her eyes at you, “who?”

You roll your eyes, “well I'm obviously looking at JoonieBear in the background.”

Paulina laughs.

“You better be,” Sadie grins back.

The lights go off and the light of the television screen takes over quickly with the main title screen right off the bat.

'He probably woke up due to being so hungry. Ehh, I know he's fine. He'll text me when he has time, no need to fret about it when it's always like this.'

The beginning scene fills the television but your eyes began to droop with sleep, slowly sinking down further and further until you gave in and let them shut completely while Namjoon's voice off the video echoed in your head.

You stare at him, frozen into place by the shock that had consumed your body. His full lips move, making your skin react with goosebumps.

“I-I'm sorry, c-could you-u repeat that-t ag-gain?” you cringe at how unstable your voice came out.

His lips curled into a half grin, threatening your breathing pattern with only half a dimple emerging out to play, “I said, what are you reading?”

Your eyes fall down to your book. 'Out of all the interesting books I could have picked to be reading in this given time and place, why did I have to chose this one?' You clear your throat, “L-language myths, by Laurie Bauer.”

His eyebrow shoots up, “what's it about?”

“Common myths about language and how they're debunked.”

The other half of his face lifts up, causing a warm pleasant feeling to wash over your body. “You're into languages?”

Your heart skips its natural rhythm as your face quickly shifted from its frozen state into a smile from ear to ear, “Hell yeah! I've always loved meeting new people and getting to hear their story but you can't do that if you limit yourself to only one tongue. I mean, if you speak their language, you open so many doors to not only meeting more incredible individuals, but also to you yourself experiencing things beyond one's wildest dreams! It's like receiving a magical key to a whole new world and even if you know just a few words, it's still a stepping stone for greatness.”

His eyes close as he leans back and chuckles, “wow, I could literally feel your passion emit through your body the minute the question left my mouth.”

Your eyes widen in surprise with the realization of all that you said, making you bury your face behind your hands in order to hide your burning cheeks. “I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to sound like a nerd.”

He continues to chuckle, “no not, it's okay. That was really cute, the way you gushed about something you truly enjoy.”

You peek through your fingers and see him staring back at you with a sly smile on his full lips.

“Don't shy away, I don't mean to laugh as mockery. I'm just laughing because your sudden change in attitude completely threw me off guard.”

You put your hands down and look away embarrassed, acting like a child by pretending to hide in plain sight. “It's just that.... you make me nervous is all.”

He leans back in and grins mischievously, “is that because I'm the person you admire the most or because I know that you know who I am.”

You swallow hard, “both.”

His right eyebrow lifts itself as he tilts his head from side to side, examining you with his eyes while slowly biting his bottom lip. “You're actually really pretty now that I'm getting a good look at you.”

'I-is he.... Is he checking me out?'

“Nice shoes by the way,” he continues.

'Damnit. The one day I actually wear these and I run into Nam-Freaking-Joon.'

“Nice shoes, nice jeans, and nice t-shirt. My type of lady if you ask me, say, you wouldn't have actually planned to run into me today, did you?” His lips twitch into a half smile.

Your cheeks begin to burn brightly, “No, I wouldn't. You know, it's very rude to check someone out openly like that. I don't care if you're an idol, who do you take me for? I don't dress to impress anyone, I dress how I feel and it's nobody's business to judge.”

His hands raise up in surrender, “I don't mean for you to take it the wrong way. I was just trying to figure out what kind of girl you are-”

“What kind of girl I am? Seriously?” You stand up abruptly and stare down at him. “I do not have the biggest crush on you just so I can find out that the real Kim Namjoon is a pervert that only chases after the bone.”

He runs a hand through his hair and releases a soft sigh, “I apologize. I didn't mean for you to feel that way. Please, take your seat. I would like to keep talking to you if.... if that's okay with you.”

You stare at him for a few more seconds before feeling yourself give in into his deep brown eyes and sinking back into your seat, crossing your arms across your chest as your back lines up straight with the wooden chair.

He lowers his head downward as his fingers intertwine with each other. “What I meant to say is that you look comfortable in your outfit. I liked it. Caught my attention right off the bat.”

You reach for your drink and blow the steam away softly. “Still. You may be rich and famous but you still have to be careful with what you say and who. Can save your life one day.” You take a sip and watch him finally raise his head.

“At least I was able to knock down that shy barrier that you held up,” his face displayed a small smile.

You roll your eyes and grin, keeping your eyes off of his face to avoid getting a heart attack from his dimples. “Yeah, I guess you did. But it was only because you completely caught me off guard. I mean, who actually expects to meet their bias on a regular day? It's like destiny played me dirty or something.”

His grin deepens, “I take it you like me that much?”

Your cheeks begin to tint in color all over again. You clear your throat and flicker your eyes quickly over to him, “Liked.”

His eyebrows scrunch together, “Liked? What? What made you stop?”

“Your pick up lines were a bit too much for my liking, sorry buddy. Maybe next time.”

He leans back and laughes, the deepness of his voice causing goosebumps to awaken across your body. “I really do apologize for that. Please, let me make it up to you. Are you hungry? Let me get you something to eat.” He stands up and walks over to the register, taking a few sweet seconds to examine the menu.

'He's just as handsome in person as he is on stage and on the computer screen.'

He comes back with two small sandwiches in his hands and gives you one as soon as he takes his seat.

“Just because food is the number one way to a girl's heart, doesn't mean you can buy me off just by feeding me,” you mumble before sinking your teeth into the soft bread, immediately holding back a loud moan from the flavors exploding in your mouth.

He chuckles, “you know, for a girl that ran pretty fast out of a bookstore after putting up a cute shy face, you're easy to talk to. What's your name by the way?”


He smiles, exposing his dimples to you without mercy, “pretty name for a pretty girl. I like it.”

“And you are Rap Monster,” you interject quickly before your cheeks become overwhelmed with blood again.

“Please, just call me by my real name, Namjoon.”

Your cheeks proceed to betray you and flush you in color. “Namjoon. Huh, kinda feel disrespectful to call you by your give name and not your stage name.”

Namjoon shakes his head, “it's okay. I hope we can be friends so please, don't feel bad for using my real name.”

“Friends? Like, laugh together and share secrets, type of friends?”

He nods, chewing slowly as if to deeply appreciate the flavors. “Yes, that type of friends-”


Namjoon swallows then produces a half smile, “because then I can trust you enough to lend you my book.” He reaches into his bag and pulls out the blue colored book that had brought you two to meet.

You grin from ear to ear, “well then I guess we can be friends.”

He hands you the book as he continues eating his sandwich, watching your eyes light up while you flip through the pages and remember the plot and its characters.

“You can take it if you want,” Namjoon says through a mouthful.

You shake your head, “it's okay. Good books deserve good homes. I have a feeling you'll take good care of it.” You had it back to him, wincing when his fingers touch yours.

“Do you live here? In Los Angeles?” He asks.

“No, I only came with a few friends for the Kcon performances,” you reply, picking up your sandwich to eat.

“Kcon? So you saw us preform last night?”

“Yes sir.”

“How come I didn't see you in the crowd?”

You roll your eyes, “well for starters, I had cheap seats because the convention is expensive, secondly, I doubt you could have found a particular face in an ocean of fans.”

He leans back and takes a sip from his cup. “Well, if I would have met you earlier, I could have pulled some strings to get you better seats and then, I would have seen you-”

“And how would I have met you earlier? You would have thought I was some frantic sansaeng that was after you and the other boys.”

He stays quiet for a few seconds, “Are you a crazy sansaeng fan?”

You stare back at him long and hard then release a long dreadful sigh as you bury your head in your hands, “totally. Give me your babies Kim Namjoon. I want to have them.”

He chuckles deeply, making you look up as watch his dimples come out to play. “How about I take you to dinner and we'll see where that goes.”

The color in your face drains immediately, making him laugh as the struggle to keep proper composure becomes too real. You take a large sip from your drink and clear your throat, dodging you gaze on you.

“So.” You squeak. “How are you?”

“Very well actually, how about yourself?”


He bites his lip and looks down to hide his amusement. “I see.”

The vibration from your phone makes you jump, causing Namjoon to press his lips into a thin line in order to keep himself from laughing though you manage to hear the repressed sound scratch from release deep in his throat.

It was a text from Sadie, “we're done. Come pick us up please.”

A small sense of relief washes over you with the thought of no longer having to die in front of Kim Namjoon but at the same time, the realization that you were going to say goodbye to the man of your dreams crept up as well.

You stare long and hard at your phone then slip it into your bag. “I have to go, my friends and I head back tonight and it's a long drive back.”

Out of the corner of your eye, you see Namjoon's face transition from playful to serious, his smile instantly disappearing. “Ah, okay.”

You put your book back in your bag and wrap up the half eaten sandwich quietly, continuing to feel his eyes on you. “Um.” You say, pausing after standing up, still dodging his eyes. “I hope you have a safe flight back home. Eat plenty and sleep plenty please, for your fans, and for yourself.”

“Thank you, please drive home safely,” he answers in a low voice.

You close your eyes and bow deeply, then swing your bag over your shoulder and walk away before the fangirl inside could make you turn around and do something you would later regret.

'Just like that? I'm going to walk away just like that? Aishh. What am I saying? Of course I am. We're on two different levels- two different worlds. I'm just another fan.'

You climb into your car and shut the door then turn on the car, taking a moment to lean your head back against the seat to settle the painful reality. “That's it? I get the golden opportunity to meet Kim Nam fudging Joon and that's it?” Your hands fly up to your hair and ruffle it aggressively as a frustrated groan escapes your lips. “WHAT THE FUCK-”

You jump once more at the sudden noise tapping sound on your window. Pulling your hands down, you notice a dimpled smile right off the bat.

Your fingers automatically reach out to lower the window.

“Hello again. I completely forgot to ask you to text me your address so I can send you my book when I finish.” Namjoon smiled.

You blink twice. “Are you asking for my number?”

He chuckles lightly, “yes ma'am. Please ma'am. If I may, ma'am.”

A bright flashing light blinds you momentarily, making you flinch, and rub your eyes to adjust them as quickly as possible. When you pull your hands back, Namjoon is gone, your car is gone, you're surrounded in darkness, except for a faint light in the far distance that gradually grew bigger and bigger until something shook you.

“Yo, did you fall asleep!?”

Your eyes tear open once more, bringing you back from your dreamy journey into the past.

“No, I was just closing my eyes to picture my life with Namjoon.” You manage to comment smoothly before Sadie or Paulina had time to give you crap for falling asleep.

Sadie laughs, “Was it pitch black? Because that's how my future with Suga is. There's no way they'd marry fans. The crazy ARMYs would devour the girl alive!”

“Dude, that's lowkey sad though. Can you imagine how lonely they get?” Paulina comments. “Well I mean, not my ChimChim because he will always have me but the others. Especially Namjoon with all the songs he writes about his struggles. It sucks.”

You turn around and look at your friends, unable to respond, not knowing how to respond.

“Come on dude, let's go home. I've got work in the morning,” Sadie groans.

“Loser,” Paulina teases.

You thank Paulina for letting you come over then follow Sadie to her car and jump in. The car ride back home was quiet, with BTS ballads filling the silence.

“Are you okay dude? You look all serious,” Sadie asked as soon as she parked in the underground garage.

You look at her and force a smile to hide the painful thoughts raging in your head, “yeah, I'm just a little tired.”

“I feel ya, Imma crash like a rock tonight,” Sadie giggles.

As you approach the elevator with her, your phone begins to vibrate in your pocket. You pull it out and stop in your tracks to stare at the screen.

“You coming?” Sadie asks, holding the door for you.

“Um, my mom is calling,” you lie. “I'm going to take the stairs and hang outside for a while to see what she wants.”

“Okay, just make sure you have your keys dude.”

You nod your head and pull them out to show her then turn around to walk across the garage towards the stairwell, sliding your thumb across the screen and hold it next to your phone with a heart pounding loudly against your chest.


“Hi jagiya. Have time to talk?”



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