Dear Diary. Part one ~a bts fan fiction~

Hi guys! I came up with this idea for a new series. It's a lot different from my first, so let me know what you think!

Dear diaryQuote of the day;

"When everything seems to be going against you, remember that an airplane takes off against the wind, not with it."

My life is quite interesting. Tomorrow marks my six year anniversary of moving to Korea. I've made lost of friends, and had so many amazing experiences. But there have been more days than I can count where I was more than ready to give up. I had plenty of hard times. I was painfully home sick, and I would call my family and cry about how I felt like I made the wrong decision. I would often go as far as looking up flights home. But despite what i was feeling, every time I would get too worked up, I convinced myself to go walk around. Seoul at night is my favorite thing to experience. I would see the city lights and constant hustle and bustle and be immediately reminded of how Korea was my home indefinitely. I wouldn't trade it for anything. I left the US right after high school. I needed a change from the complacent life I was living. I applied to a university in Seoul, and once I found out I was accepted, I booked a ticket and left everything behind. It wasn't like me to do things that spontaneous. But it felt like I was on the right path to finding who I was meant to be. The school gave me a private dorm room and introduced me to my fellow foreign students. I hit it off with them right away. We learned the language and explored together. I felt more at home than I had in a long time. Suddenly, Seoul didn't feel so intimidating. Eventually, I had learned enough to where I was comfortable going out on my own. I lost myself in the bright lights and buzzing language around me. I discovered my own little secret spots to sit, enjoy a coffee and daydream, or people watch. When I didn't have class I would often go to a nearby park and read. I completely turned myself around in only a few short months. Before I moved, I was always stressed and anxious. I never gave myself time to be happy. But once I arrived in Korea, that's all I did because it came so naturally. I never felt stressed or overworked. Life was good.

After two years of university and working part time, I saved up enough money to get an apartment of my own. I decided to take a break from school and get a full-time job. I started as a secretary at a small business, but that ended soon after it started because I wasn't happy. I took a job working part time at a small café while I searched for a new full time position. One day I was being lazy at home, listening to my favorite kpop group, bts, when I got an email from a website I used to find jobs near me. It said there was a position open at an entertainment company in the area, no name, just an email address and a number. I composed and email saying that I was interested in the job followed by a little bit about me, and a file containing my resume. The next day I had a reply from the owner of the entertainment company. It read "Dear y/n, we are very interested in your application. No description was given on what your position would entail, so we would love to make an appointment with you for an interview. You will be given a briefing on what you would be doing around our small company, and if you're still interested, we'll go from there. Please call me at xxx-xxx-xxxx to set up an appointment. Sincerely, Bang Sihyuk, BigHit Entertainment CEO." When I finished reading the email, I found myself breathless. Big Hit Entertainment was the entertainment company that managed Bts. The fan girl inside me jumped and screamed at the possibility of meeting her favorite group. But the normal girl side of me was in need of money and just excited to be getting an interview for a job she might enjoy. When I called, a secretary with a voice like honey answered. I told her I was calling to set up an interview with the CEO, she then put me on hold while I was transferred. After a short conversation with Mr. Sihyuk, we decided it would be best for me to come in the next day. We set a time, and hung up. The next day, I woke up early so I had plenty of time to look presentable. After over an hour of searching, I found the right outfit. I decided to go with a pair of high waisted black slacks, and a loose purple tank top that I tucked into the front of my pants. I threw a white cardigan on, a pair of simple black flats, grabbed my purse and rushed out the door. I walked to my café to get a coffee before catching a taxi.

I arrived at the BigHit building 20 minutes early. I entered the building and left my name with the woman at the desk. She made a quick phone call, then led me upstairs to the top floor. I was greeted by another woman as I stepped out of the elevator, the owner of the familiar honey voice. She had the looks to match. Her dark, silky hair framed her face and fell from her delicate shoulders. A white blouse and grey pencil skirt hugged her curves. With a tone that made me feel at home, she led me to the CEOs office. The closed door had a golden plate on the wall to the right that read "Mr. Bang Sihyuk, CEO". The woman knocked lightly then opened the door. "Excuse me sir, Ms y/n is here for you." She said as she led me into the room. "Ahh you're reasonably early, young lady. I like that. Please make yourself comfortable. I'm eager to get started." Said Mr. Sihyuk in a deep professional tone, as he rose from his desk and took my hand in his with a small bow. I thanked him as I followed his lead, bowing a bit, then taking a seat. The honey woman re entered the room with a cup of tea for the each of us, then left. Mr. Sihyuk spoke with me in a casual tone. He asked about my previous job, and asked why I left so abruptly. I told him that I held standards for myself, and refused to be forced to do a job I didn't enjoy. He smiled at my honestly, then continued the interview with questions about my work history and experience, followed by more personal questions to see what my personality was like. I observed his body language as I answered, and he seemed pleased with my responses. Time passed quickly as I enjoyed talking with Mr. Sihyuk. After about 2 hours, he told me that I seemed right for the job.

"I can see that you're honest and driven. You have a certain spark in you that not many have Ms y/n. The moment you walked through that door, I had a feeling you were right for the position." He said with a smile spread across his face. He told me I wouldn't have a set position, but I would never have a boring desk job. I was going to be hands on. The main titles I would be given were, event manager, where i was to decide with a groups manager where they were to perform, then make the proper phone calls and emails to make it happen. Wardrobe backup to help the stylists pick outfits and get them to the group as well as help with makeup. And lastly stage manager, I was to be the one in charge of everything at venues. I had to make sure the group knew where to stand when, when to change outfits, and what songs they were performing. The group was to come to me with anything, from concers, to makeup touch ups, or just to chat. If I accepted the job being offered, I was going to be the right hand man to the manager of an idol group. I didn't know which one yet, Mr. Sihyuk said he would tell me in a few days. But either way, I was ecstatic. It was visibly difficult to hide my excitement. After a few minutes, I told Mr. Sihyuk I would be honored to take the job. We left his office to meet the honey woman, who I learned was named Kim Jisue. She printed out everything I needed to sign and read over before I started. She walked me through the building, showing me everywhere I would be working, and introduced me to other workers as they passed. I bowed and smiled before moving on. Mr. Sihyuk and Jisue walked me to the main door to walk me out. Mr. Sihyuk shook my hand one final time and said "Im pleased to hear that you're going to be working with us. You're definitely the best fit. While it may seem like you have a lot of work ahead of you, I must reassure you that's not the case. If all works out and you're placed with the group I have in mind, your job won't even feel like a job. We're all one big happy family here. I will be here to help you get on your feet and if you have any issues come to Jisue or myself ." He finished, smiling warmly ear to ear.  "Welcome to the family y/n."

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