Hi Diary, It's Me ~Entry Five~

Good morning!

Here is the next entry for you all! I hope you enjoy it :3

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Hi Diary,

Sorry for not writing in you yesterday. It was intense. Since the performance was today we spent all day in the practice room, living and breathing her single. At least it is a catchy song otherwise I would have gone crazy.

The performance went well today and as a celebration the manager took us all out to eat. There are about five of us total, including IU so we just went to a local place to have some jajangmyeon. It was delicious.

But I felt so out of place, Diary. The other's have this kind of clique or some crazy girl thing like that with just the five of them. I can't really get involved in their conversations at all as all they talk about are boys or shopping. Like dear god. Maybe I am just not that girly. Shopping sucks and boys are okay, I guess but I don't want to talk about them all the time.

What about songs? Or movies? Or video games? I always watch them interact with each other and it is like a different world. One I will never be in.

Don't get me wrong, I am fine where I am but it would be nice to have a friend to talk to. My only friend moved back to Japan after she finished college, leaving me by myself.

Therefore, I have no one. Except you Diary. Which I guess is comforting in it's own way.

Give me strength and hope that sometime here soon, I will be able to meet someone who isn't crazy about boys and loves WoW as much as I do.





Thanks for reading and see you all tomorrow! ;)

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