Changmin - I Saw Mommy Kissing Daddy

Soft carols played in the background as you snuggled into Changmin’s chest, your legs intertwined with his as he pulled a blanket on top of you. His reclined body, sunk into the couch as his head rested on a pillow. The light of the city lights outside danced across your faces as you laid your head against his chest. The beating of his heart always relaxed you as your eyes fluttered shut.

Scampering feet caught your attention just before Changmin began to rub your back. Resting his head on yours, he smiled as he let out a deep breath. Your little girl, Marhi stood in front of you two as she rested her hand on your shoulder.

Opening your eyes, you smiled as she looked at you with big eyes.

“What’s wrong baby?” You asked as you reached out and stroked her arm.

“I just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas and I wanted to give you both a present.” She shifted her weight from one foot to another as her nightgown swayed from side to side.

“Merry Christmas, princess~” Changmin asked as she held her hands behind her back.

“Here’s your present.” She said shyly as he pulled out the small plant from behind her back.

“What is this, baby?” You asked as you pointed to the plant.

“It’s a mistletoe. Books say that people kiss under it. I wanted you both to be happy.” She says shyly again as blush fills her cheeks.

“You know it is a Christmas rule, to kiss under the mistletoe, you know.” Changmin said with a smile as he winked at his little girl.

“I guess, we can’t break the rules.” You said softly as you looked at Changmin.

“We can’t break the rules in front of our little girl.” He smiled happily as he rubbed your back with one hand and gently traced his fingers up your arms and gently held your head as he moved his lips closer to yours.

Pulling you closer to him, your fingers grip his shirt tightly. Touching his lips with yours, he kissed you passionately. Marhi closed her eyes and covered her eyes with her hands as she still held out the magical plant. His kiss made your breath disappear quickly as you soon broke the kiss. Pecking your lips a few more times, you smiled happily as your cheeks blushed.

Resting your head back on Changmin’s chest, you rubbed Marhi’s arms to remove her hands from her eyes as she hugged both of you.

“I hope you liked your present.” She said softly as you smiled and nodded your head.

“It was wonderful, thank you princess.” You said softly before kissing her head and wishing her a good night as she skipped back to her room.

Your chin rested on his chest as you looked up at him, your fingers traced up his neck to his face as he smiled back down to you.

“How did she get so smart?” You asked as his fingers gently combed through your hair.

“She must get it from you~” Changmin whispered before he kissed your forehead softly before continuing the cuddling session.

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