Where is Everyone? 😢

Hey Everyone!

I really want to make this card because I'm really upset that the K-Drama community is so quiet and it's not as lively as it used to be when I first joined Vingle. There used to be a ton of posts just in a day but now there are only about 1 or 2 posts a day which saddens me. I want to talk to other kdrama and Asian drama lover but I don't know where they all went. I know@kpopandkimchi used to be really active here but now seems to only make K-POP cards... What happened? I just wanted to bring light on to this matter that I wish more people would make cards in this community and talk to one another. Another reason I'm making this card is for my tagging list.

Tag List Update!

Who would still like to be tagged, if you have changed your username let me know. If you want to be added or removed let me know as well. Because I tag quite a few people but it seems as though only a few people see the cards or the people that actually care.


See you in the next card!

So that's all I really had to say, I will start to try and make more Asian drama review cards again and maybe even top 5 cards because I want the community to become lively again. I love you guys and if you are in this community join in and make some cards, share your thought on dramas! @kpopandkimchi@KpopQueenaBee@SydneyGarza@humairaa@SusiBosshammer@JaxomB@JamiMilsap@sarahdarwish@sosoaloraine23@KaiJae@btsgotshinee@sherrysahar@ChaErica@deefran@krin@VeronicaArtino@GDsGF@Kamiamon@solodaywithB1A4@mistymaity@SusiBosshammer@Priscilla@Mahealani@Yongsongmi@shannawi@carenabobo@TanyaGautam@hyunsaeng638@heidichiesa@MinDeji@EmilioTrevino@dancer1248MN@AnaP@AimeeH@JackieMurrayCab@Konaa@MooshieBay@poojas@SabrinaSakura@EmilyPeacock@seouls@dominika@RosaArgueta@luna1171@KpopGaby@TLeahEdwards@3SecondsOfHope@IMNII@PrettieeEmm@Tamaki1618@GenesisZiporrah@ChosenKnight@zarahxD@MyAffairWith@Mercedesbenz98@ShinoYuki@JessicaJudy@mithzyramirez10@P1B2Bear@SandraPanda@skyfan24@kpoplover492@jenjenkhreim@CallMeMsDragon@VIPforever123@obiterdictum@cindystran@Mavis2478@ToniPyoGibbons

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