Songs about perfume-Teen TopxTopp Dogg


So both Teen Top and Topp Dogg have created songs about perfume. Weird idea right?

But the idea of those of them are completely different.

Teen Top's song "No More Perfume On You" is about cheating actually.

Teen Top play high school boys in the video and the only one who has a girlfriend is Chunji (He's so cute it's dangerous). But while he has a high school girlfriend he also is dating a older woman!

So how does he try to prevent them from discovering his cheating ways? By buying and gifting them the same perfume!

It's a great song! Early Teen Top!

While Teen Top is cheating with their girlfriends >.>

Topp Dogg is unable to forget the way their girlfriend or special girl smells. Her sent lingers on their clothing and they are unable to get rid of it. She has taken over them!

What a powerful woman!

-Also this song is from Topp Doggs most recent album! Check it out! The whole thing is Topp notch!

So which song do you prefer? Both are amazing tracks by amazing artists! Please support both!

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