Patchwork of Life (Chapter 1)

Summary Hanako Riley used to be a light in the darkness for many of her friends before…she met him. He changed her entire life. She moved to be closer to him, she was great friends with his friends, she loved him like no other. Until he was no longer. Hanako, horrified and upset over him, moved home and took the name Mizuki to try and hide from his friends. She never wanted them to hate her because of what happened to him. Here is her story of him and what happened to her because of him. Here, is her patchwork of her life. Pairing: Hanako X Who knows??? Genre: Angst -_-*+*-_-*+*-_-*+*-_-*+*-_-*+*-_- Date: December 16th, 2016 Hanakos POV I run a hand through my hair, holding my high school letterman jacket closer to me. The rain hit my black umbrella in a rhythmic pitter, patter and the serene sound almost distracted me from what was happening around me. Almost. The sobs of Mrs. Jaqueline Kyle, Lauras mother, were being drowned out by the whoosh of the wind and the thunder in the distance, but her sobs could still be heard. Mr. Oliver Kyle, Lauras father, consoled his sobbing wife as their only child, and my best friend, was being lowered into the ground. Date: January 13th, 2017 I dont remember much of that day; just that Laura would have wanted me to have the tickets to a concert she had been absolutely dying to go see. Almost a month later, I dont think I could even go to that concert. It hurt too much to think of Laura as I go see the idols that practically saved her during high school. Id hate to walk up to them and have to say that Im only there because my friend died. The concert I am going to, no that Laura was going to, was only three weeks away at this point in time. I felt like a wreck. Once, I was the silver lining in somebodys dark, thundering cloud and now, I am the dark, thundering cloud, alas, I have no silver lining that will lighten me up and make me feel whole again. With Lauras death, I can never feel whole again, right? And yet, I was wrong. I was completely wrong. Date: February 3rd, 2017 The concert was in a few hours, at 7pm. I dont think I was ready for it, at all. Having to stare at Lauras idols and explain that the only reason why I am here, was all because she died. For me. Laura died for me. She died because I was too frightened to move out of the path of the shooters gun. She died because of me. And I can never forgive myself for doing that to her. For killing her unintentionally. I shake my head of my grievous and depressive thoughts, instead I force myself to get ready to go to this concert. I knew who they, BTS, were and all, but I never got into them as much as Laura did. And I wish I had. I brush out my hair, braiding it into twin braids. I left my bangs out of the braid and I stare at myself in my mirror. I never understood what Laura meant when she said I looked like, and acted like, her bias, J-Hope. I just didnt see it. I am nobodys hope or angel. I am…just me. I am just Hanako Celestina Riley, the girl of Korean decent of a few generations, the girl with a mixed name, the girl with the striking gunmetal blue eyes. I sigh, shaking my head again and setting my brush down. I change into my favorite gray tank that said, Its Not Just a Band to Me and ripped, black skinny jeans. I stretch out, starting to put on my rainbow Converse. I never really match and Im not going to start today. I gather my things so I could leave for the concert and I spot the familiar black letterman jacket before I do leave. I sigh, grabbing it off of my office chair and I pull it on, walking out of my apartment. It was a very simple jacket. It had a small logo for the band BTS and on the back it said, SUGA 93. Laura had given it to me for Christmas, seeing as I was also born in 1993. I check my phone. 6:21pm I had enough time to make it to the stadium, if traffic was good. I would, however, have to go back tomorrow for this fan meetup, seeing as I now owned a ticket for that. I walked out of my apartment, not knowing how much my life was going to change in the coming weeks.

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