KPOP THROWBACK: When J-hope and Jin was in Ricky Dillon's MV

J-hope and Jin appeared in Ricky Dillon's cover for Really Don't Care by Demi Lovato. I honestly just noticed this today but it was posted 2 years ago....2 FUCKING YEARS AGO and I DIDN'T NOTICE. I subscribed to Ricky Dillon ever since he was in O2L. HOW DID I NOT NOTICED THIS?! Oh yeah cause I was very unknown to Kpop (don't know Kpop at all, back in the days) Jin and J-Hope appeared at 2:51

Then, Jin and J-Hope noticed it in YouTube on American Hustle episode 3

And then Ricky talks about them in his video. He talks about them at 5:38

Then.... reacted to Fire. he reacted to it at 7:20

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