Tongue Jay Park (19+)


here is my entry to the Jay Park fic contest hope you all like it

It had just rained. You could smell it from the open windows as you walked through the hall. Your hair was still damp from your shower. You sported a button down, borrowed from your boyfriend along with white and pink panties. You walk into the bedroom and close the door behind you at once and lean against it with a small exhale of triumph. From the corner of your eye, you see your phone on the edge of Jay's bed and walk over to the heavily fluffed covers. You nuzzle into the bottom corner of his bed and turn on your phone. Your fingers instantly hovering over the blue icon. Jay's foot kicks lightly at the back of your thigh so you turn to him with raised eyebrows and a small hum. He brings his hand up and gestures you forward with his fingers. “Come here.” He says with a spreading smile and you bite your lip as you move to obey his request. You slowly crawl up the side of his body. Your shoulder sliding against the cool wall at times. You make it to his face and look into his beautiful eyes. His hands come to the back of your thigh and lifts it over his waist. You were now straddling Jay and you look down to hide the redness in your checks. Jay's hand came to your chin and pulled it up softly as his eyebrows raised. “Why are you blushing?” He asked. His tone was so smooth and sexy. You looked at his lips, maybe for too long and then met his eyes. “Gray and Simon are just down the hall.” You said, your voice sounding somewhat cute. Jay's hands came to your shoulders and then ran all the way down your arms, grabbing your hands and laying them flat on his chest. Your body bent slightly forward with his action. “So?” He asked as he rubbed your small hands under his. “So..what if one of them comes in.” You answer. Jay brings your hand to his lips and lifts his eyebrows at you as if he has no idea why that would be embarrassing. “I don’t want to lock eyes with them while you’re…” You stammer, you were still shy. Jay smiles against your hand and moves his hands to your waist instead. “Come here.” He says as he pulls you higher and higher on his body until you’re practically sitting on his face. His head leans forward as he pushes a second pillow under his head and leans his face in between your legs. “Jay?” You say and he groans against your inner thigh. “God, I love my name on your lips, baby.” He says as he travels up your leg with his kiss. “Weren’t we just talking about this?” You ask, your voice rushed as you bring your bottom lip into your mouth. His lips felt so good. “Mhmm.” He groans a little too close to your heat. You swallow your moan before too much of it can escape but Jay heard enough of it to make the lips on your thigh spread into a smile. “The doors over there, baby. No one can see you.” He assured. Jay's hands move from your outer thighs to the hem of the shirt you borrowed from him. His perfect fingers finding the bottom few buttons and undoing them slowly yet impatiently. His lip was between his teeth as his fingers moved as quick as they could without harming the shirt. Jay pulls back and reveals your white and pink panties. He groans at the sight as he moves the shirt around your hips to cover your bottom. “This,” he says, his fingers coming to pet the light toned cloth. A small moan came from your lips as you watched him pet your sex. “Is new.” Jay notes just a bit darkly. He looks up at you, sitting on his chest and groans. Jay's hands grab your thighs and pull them up to his face. You are kneeling in this new position. Your heat hovering over his face, you could feel him breathing on you. Jay brings his hands to the insides of your thighs and pushes so your body can get closer to his lips. Then he pulls aside your panties and you feel his tongue on your clit. You moan and then bring your hand to your lips to muffle the sound. Your hips twisted and Jay brings his hand from under your sex through your open legs and holds to your lower back. You push against his hand as he hums in your folds. His tongue slowly moving down and then back up. “I can taste your body wash.” He said against your sensitive skin. You moan at his distorted voice and push your knees out further to obtain more of him. Jay licks up your sex and grabs onto your clit with his lips. You moan as he sucks on you and then brings his tongue to the skin to lick it over and over. His tongue moves lower as his hands hold the back of your waist tightly. You feel as he puckers his lips and kisses your entrance. Your head rolls back with a moan as you reach for something to hold onto. Your hips start to rock on his lips a bit more eagerly as you grab and rub and pull on his stomach and chest. Jay groans into your folds as you moan for him. Your hand going to his hair and pulling on the soft locks. You worried about suffocating him so you pull in your knees a bit to give him some air. Jay groans loudly as his hand grips your ass and pulls you back down onto him. You moan at his actions and rock onto his face a bit more harshly. “Do you like this, Y/N?” He asks and look down at him. “Oh, yes.” You moan, your voice getting higher with the words. He hums in question on your sex and you moan again. “Yes, Jay.” You say as your hands ball up the fabric on his shoulders. “How much?” He groans and you throw your head back. “So, so much.” Your voice was breaking but you didn’t care. You reached for his head to push him up into you even more. Jay complies. Bringing his magical tongue up your sex harshly. You moan at the action. “Ride my tongue, baby.” Jay's tone sounded like a question but his hands on your ass made it a demand. He rolls his tongue down to your entrance and darts into you. His stills his tongue inside of you and you shift your hips over his muscle. Your back arches with the feeling of his tongue wavering inside of you. You hold onto his knees as you rock your hips a bit harder and let your neck bend back. Your hair falling free at the angle. Jay groans and you feel him exhale from his nose onto your clit, making you moan even more. You see his tent and sit up so you can move your hand to it. You rub him from outside of his jeans and he groans even louder. The vibrations feeling so damn good. The building in your stomach getting higher. You rock onto his tongue and feel as your body starts to sweat slightly. Jay slowly pulls out his tongue and you whine and squirm at the feeling of him leaving. His hand comes out from between your thighs and grabs your arm that you had bend back to rub his bulge. Jay brings your hand to his hair and you groan at his silent request. You pull on his shoulders and then up to the back of his head. Your hands hungry for something to pull on. Jay brings his tongue down to your entrance and begins to dart into you at a hazardous pace. “Ah, Jaebeom!” You cry and he groans loudly at your response. His vibrations adding so much to your growing orgasm. Your moans get louder as his tongue flexes hard. His hands hold you as still as possible and you moan again and again. You close your eyes tight as you pull on his hair and your other hand grips his shirt in between your fist. “Jay..” You moan, your hips moving on him uncontrollably. “I’m..I’m. Oh god, Jay!” You get louder with every second he continues. Jay groans around his tongue and you scream around him. Your hands tighten as you come hard over his muscle. Your body spazzing as it tries to find something to sink into. Jay finally slows his tongue as your body begins to shake around him. You try to catch your breath but it seemed too far away. Jay brings his knees up so you can lay back against them and you do so, thankfully. He hums onto your heat as your body starts to fully relax. His hands come to your center and adjust your new panties around you and you bite your lip at his action. A knock came from the door and you look down to see Jay running his fingers under his chin and then pushing them into his mouth as he hums loudly at the guest. The door opens and Simon looks the two of you over. You bend your neck back over Jay's knees to see Simon upside down. You were still panting but you couldn’t really care. “We were gonna order Mr. Chicken.” He said and you looked back down at Jay. “Are you good with that or would you rather have Jajjang?” Simon's words pushed into the room along with your panting. Your body flutters with bliss as you watch Jay suck on his own fingers. His eyebrows shooting up before he popped them out of his mouth and brought his thumb to his lip instead. Jay met your eyes and you had to hold back a moan. “Answer him, baby.” Jay ordered you so softly. You rest in his knees again and try to breathe. “Yes.” You say weakly. Jay nods sarcastically and then looks up at Simon. “Yes.” Jay replies to Simon and you turn your head to see your guest looking very confused. “Yes to what?” Simon asks and you bite your lip.    


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