100 Day challenge (part 1)

Wow and I mean wow I missed A lot of days on this challenge. Well since I missed A lot lets get started.

Day 63 favorite Shonen anime. I love way to many animes from this genre but I name my top five. 1)Rurouni Kenshin 2)Bleach 3)Hunter × Hunter 4)Naruto 5)YuYu Hakusho

Day 64 Favorite Shojo anime. Just like day 63 I have more then one favorite from the genre. so I'll quickly name five of them off and go on. 1) Fruit basket 2)Jyu-Oh-Sei 3)Vampire Knight 4)Shugo Chara! 5)Cardcaptor Sakura

Day 65 A favorite sport anime. I love Prince of Tennis.

Day 66 my favorite slice of anime of all time is Lucky Star.

Day 67 a comedy anime that I love is Bobobo-Bo Bo-Bobo. This show always made me laugh.

Day 68 A science fiction/ mech anime. I have a few from this the Sci-Fi genre. But I have to say Jyu-Oh-Seiis my all time favorite. And to be honest I never knew they made it into an anime. but if the anime as good as the manga I would love it the same.

ok those are some of the days I have missed I have 5 more days and which will be on part 2 .

Hello everyone the name is Alexandra or you can call me Allie for short. I'm a huge gamer and I love anime a lot. Thanks to Dragon Ball Z and Sailor Moon. I'm also a huge fan of creepypasta and well pretty much anything gory, bloody, and scary. Something a girl shouldn't like but I don't give a damn. Overall I'm a really easily to get along with unless you get me angry then that's a different story.
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