A Brief Thanks :)


First off, Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! I hope you all are having a wonderful day (even if you don't celebrate American Thanksgiving). As my little contribution to the "Thankful for You" event @MattK95 brought up, I just wanted to say a few thoughts.

As some may know, I joined Vingle a little over a year ago. Within hours, I was already being welcomed by so many people in the Vingle family. I slowly began to work my way and learn how the community ran, and I absolutely loved it. In this one year that I have been on Vingle, I have never seen a single hate comment/card, or even a mildly disrespectful one. All that I see is love and kindness being spread around so generously. Everybody is unbelievably sweet and caring towards one another, and I love that about Vingle. I love how we can express our opinions and not get hated on for them. I love that we can support one another through the good and bad. I love how everyone here is really one big family. So I give all my thanks to you guys; the Vingle Kpop Family, for an amazing first year. You've all done something to make it a fantastic year, and I'm extremely grateful for that. Though I am thankful for all of you, I just wanted to give a special thank you to some mutuals on here.


Thank you@Lexxcisco ,@nnatalieg , and@Roxy1903 for hilarious kpop meme posts that I always die laughing at! Thank you@ChaErica ,@resavalencia ,@EwSeungkwan ,@Zyxzj ,@xsandos17 ,@Emealia ,@luna1171 ,@Storiamom426 ,@JiyongLeo ,@MadAndrea ,@MelissaGarza , and@PrettieeEmm for the cutest cards and collections on some of my favourite kpop groups that I always look forward to! Thank you@KpopINT ,@Mediamonster ,@Helixx , and@kpopandkimchi for always keeping me updated on things going around in Vingle and the kpop industry! And finally.. Thank you@VingleEnglish for being close to all the Vinglers, and making all of this possible.

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