J.K. Rowling- Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

My second favorite line in all of the Harry Potters. I belive I already posted my favorite, but for those of you who didn't see it, it's when Ginny says, "The thing about growing up with Fred and George is you get the idea that anything is possible is you've got enough nerve." This one is a Dudley quote. He says it to Harry when Harry starts to say that Dudley and his parents think he is a waste of space. Dudley cuts Harry off and Rowling writes, "If Harry had not seen Dudley's lips move, he might not have belived it." No matter how you feel, you are not a waste of space. No matter how you are treated, you are not a waste of space. No matter what you have to fight through, you are worth every breath you take and every beam of light that shines on you and every ocean spray that cools your skin and reminds you that you are alive. You are worth the world and so much more.

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