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Yey! Getting to update Kookie Monster now!! Hehe this took a random turn but I like we're it went all of a sudden. It's a sort chapter but I wanna see what Sarah has for the reaction bits!

With sarah gone off with the guys from Got7 Jenni decided she'd go see the boys and see namjoon. So Jenni left the apartment and headed in that direction. With a nice night she decided why not walk most of the way, Jenni enjoyed her walk all the way until she tripped over something on the sidewalk. "Owe that hurts." Jenni said rubbing her ankle. There was a sharp pain and she applied pressure to make it go away. While Jenni was down she looked to see what she tripped over. A box. "Of course, it is totally my luck that find something to trip over" jenni commented. At that moment she heard purring and something brush up against her leg. "Ahhhh " she was startled. Looking there was a small kitten rubbing up against her. "Awe poor kitty, we're you out here too' she cooed to the animal. The cat was warming up to her and started clawing at her leggings. The pain was dulled and she moved to look at the kitten, it was grey with little puffs of white around its ears and one large white spot on its chest and then it's feet had white like it dipped into snow. "Aren't  you cute" jenni said as she put her hand up for the kitty to sniff, when the kitten did it rubbed up against Jenni's hand. "I wish I could take you home" Jenni sighed. The kitten continued to purr and rub up against her hand "Don't do this to me " she whined. "Im not allowed an animal" she tried again, but the kitten didn't understand. "Okay okay I'll take you to the shelter and leave you there" jenni compromised Standing up she felt to make sure she could walk okay, spotting the box she tripped over, in bright yellow letters it said free kittens. "Oh poor baby, you were abandoned" her heart was crushed seeing that. "Im can't abandon you here" she was on the verge of tears at the thought of it. The cat was shivering. It was cold out, maybe that's why the kitten was showing so much affection, it wanted to get warm. Wrapping the kitten in her panda scarf she took the poor thing with her. As Jenni walked she talked to the kitten. Her first stop was the vet, make sure the kitty didn't have problems, or if it did what she would have to do to car for the kitty.  Her night was going way different then she thought it would. The vet said the kitty had nothing to be worried about, it looked as if the previous owners had actually taken care of the kittens shots and there was nothing wrong, the vet actually asked if she really found it on the streets in a box.  After showing off her swollen ankle and torn up leggings, he kind of believed it. When Jenni left she called a cab then called up Namjoon to tell him she was still alive and on her way. She didn't warn him about the kitten. The cabbie dropped her off and Jenni went up just as Namjoon was coming down. "I saw you getting out,  What is that?" He pointed at the bundle in her arms, "I haven't named her yet" jenni said innocently. "Panda" his eyes were wide. "Well nom I'm not naming her panda,  she'll get confused on what she is." Jenni scrunched up her face "and I'll get confused when either of us gets called. I'm panda" Jenni said. "You have a cat in your hands Panda" namjoon said "A kitten she's only a few weeks old " She corrected as he looked her over "Did. You. Fight. For. Her?" He asked very very slowly.  "No, I tripped over a box that held her in it. I took her to the vet and now she's mine, my kitty" she told him smiling. "Panda, sarah is going to be so pissed at you" Namjoon said. "She said at some point I could have a bunny. Bunny, kitten, close enough " she grinned making him chuckle.  "Oh panda your logic " he sighed "Are you okay living with a cat?" She asked him all of a sudden. "Im fine with a cat panda, like you said a while ago, when I'm gone you'll want an animal to sn- have around, just don't sleep with the cat, I'm afraid you might strangle it to death if you try to cuddle with it" he chuckled, she gave him a look. "Or get my face scratched off, you ever try holding a cat against it's will. Aftermath is not pretty" jenni said. It made him laugh. "Your aware of this? " he asked. "Yea, after being at a vet and seeing pictures and told what not to do I'm Not holding this kitten when she wants to be free, and I hope to never have to give her medicine. She tried bitting the vet when he was checking her over" Jenni told him making him laugh again. "Lets go in" Namjoon said ushering her inside. When they went in a couple of the guys looked up at them. Tae and Jimin looked on curiously at Jenni and what was moving around in her arms. the kitten wanted down after being held for so long. She had gotten the kitten a leash for the time being, just in case and had a small bag of cat food. "What is that moving in your hands?" Jimin asked. "Um kitty cat" Jenni said, Tae's eyes lit up "Kitty!" He asked intreged as he came closer. "Joonie can I put her down?" Jenni asked looking over at him. "She's on a leash just in case. "Thats good if you set her down you might loose her. " Namjoon commented. Looking around she realized, that might be true.  Unwrapping the kitten from her scarf she  let it loose. Tae grabbed the kitten and held it. "Its so cute!" He cooed. All of a sudden Tae was taking the kitten with him and playing with her paws. "I think Tae may be taking your kitten from you " Namjoon whispered to her making Jenni sigh. "Well she deserves some love after being abandoned" Jenni said. "Hey Tae can you watch the cat, maybe feed it while I talk to panda?" Namjoon asked "Okay  can I name her Josie?" He asked. "No" Jenni said, "Hmm I'll think of a better name" he said, Namjoon and Jenni left Tae and Jimin who was trying to get the kitten from Tae but he wasn't letting go of it. "They like animals don't they?" Jenni asked. "Yea, and you  know most of us have dogs at our parents places right?" He asked. "Hmm yea, oh you have your pup rapmon don't you" Jenni just remembered,  "Yea I do. Hope that kitten will get along " he said off  handedly. "On that note, have you told sarah yet?" He asked when he shut his door. "No, I can't find the right time. She's so moody these days" Jenni sighed, "But I was planning on telling her tonight " she said. "Planning on telling Sarah what?" Kooki sat up in bed and looked at the pair. "That I got a kitty" Jenni said panicked  for no apparent reason. "What?" Kooki looked at her confused. "Kooki,  get out, go see panda's new cat" Namjoon shot him a look. "You seriously got a cat?" Kooki questioned. "Hmm it just happened " she shrugged "I have to see this " he said getting up and heading out of the room. Jenni averted her eyes. "He was wearing boxers right?" She asked blushing. "Yea he was" namjoon chuckled "Okay good. I don't need my poor kitten exposed to nudity yet" as the last word slipped out she blushed. "Or ever,  she's my baby now" jenni covered up making him chuckle. They talked for a moment longer about how she was going to tell sarah about moving out, plus about bringing home  a kitten. After an hour of hanging out with the guys, Jenni decided she should head back home.  Tae was not wanting the kitten to leave so it took longer to leave then she thought.  Jenni stopped to pick up more supplies for the kitten, like a liter box and liter and then went home in a taxi. Sarah was home before her, she was somewhere in the apartment  so she snuck the stuff into the kitchen and let the kitten go so she could wander, jenni was filling up a bowl of water for the kitten when she heard sarah yelp. "Panda what is this! " Sarah yelled out

And here is picture of kitty cat! Oh Jenni finally got an animal without Sarah knowing it lol this will be funny to see her reaction!!! And Tae he is so cute with that kitten, I love it lol. lol sarah take it away and let's see her reaction!!!

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