It's 3 a.m. on a Thursday and, once again, you're skipping sleep to watch just one more episode of your favorite drama. As you sob into your pillow -- He's confessed his love for her while she lies in her deathbed! The agony! -- do you ever wonder about the often-sadistic, cliffhanger-happy, definitely genius writers who keep you on the edge of your seat and tickle your heart with a stroke of their pens? Then have a look at these maestros of Dramaland: 1. The Hong Sisters The sisters Hong are rom-com goddesses (also known as Jung Eun and Mi Ran) who rarely fail to deliver the goods. From their debut project Delightful Choon Hyang to the currently airing The Master's Sun, the screenwriting duo strike the perfect balance between frivolity, necessary gravitas and heart in their work. Their beloved hits include My Girl, Fantasy Couple, You're Beautiful, My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox and Greatest Love. 2. Kim Eun Sook Snappy, witty and romantic are what Kim does best. Her dramas, smartly written and compulsively watchable, range from the sticky, melodramatic Lovers trilogy (Lovers in Paris, Lovers in Prague, Lovers) to the realistic On Air and to the majestic rom-com fests that were City Hall, Secret Garden and A Gentleman's Dignity. Keep a look out for her next project, Heirs, scheduled to air in October. 3. Lee Kyung Hee A master of tearjerkers, Lee has been at the helm of a handful of memorable projects since the late 1990s. Not only was she the writer of Rain's first drama, Sang Doo, Let's Go To School!, she was behind the perennial favorite I'm Sorry, I Love You, the heartbreaking Thank You, and the recent Nice Guy. 4. Choi Wan Kyu As perhaps the most diverse screenwriter on the list, everything from large productions and ratings hits such as All In, Jumong, Gourmet, IRIS and Midas have flourished through Choi's pen. 5. Kim Young Hyun & Park Sang Yeon Kim, the writer behind the beloved drama Jewel in the Palace, began teaming up with Park in 2007 to write the highly unusual serial killer thriller H.I.T. The duo reunited for the epic Queen Seon Duk and again for the hugely popular Tree With Deep Roots. 6. No Hee Kyung No, a prolific writer who last wrote the hit That Winter, the Wind Blows, has a knack for romantic settings and dialogue, as seen in dramas such as The World That They Live In, More Beautiful Than A Flower and Padam Padam. 7. Hwang Eun Kyung Who didn't love City Hunter? Hwang's talent for well-constructed plots also made hits of the beautifully paced political drama Daemul and the medical drama New Heart. Now it's your turn! Who are your favorite screenwriters?

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