Shopping with the stars

Hello fellow vinglers and Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours! You guys are all my family and I'm so thankful that I'm here on such a wonderful site like this where I can show my love for what I love with fellow fans! To prove how thankful I am, I wrote a great fan fiction show that I am so excited for you all to read! Please enjoy, Shopping with the stars!

Shopping with the stars You were given a shopping list from a TV program titled 'Shopping with the Stars' and you were to find 6 items on that list with the help of stars(Korean celebrities). You were on a shopping mission at the Times Square mall in Seoul, determined to find everything on your shopping list. As you were walking around the mall, you go to a store on the second floor and you spot one of your biases at the front of the store. "Were you looking for this?" He asked. "OMG Key what are you doing here?!" You asked him. "Helping you complete your list!" He replied. "Well thanks dude!" You tell him. "Anytime! Can I go with you?" He asked. "Yeah come on!" You tell him. You walk to a different store and he follows you. Passing by stores that don't seem very interesting, you arrive at your next shop and find yet another one of your biases at the font of the next store holding your next item. "I believe this is for you madam." He said handing you the item. "Well thank you Namjoon!" You replied as you pick up your next item from him. You hem motion him to follow you and Key onto your next shop on the next floor up. You begin to search the next store on the third floor until someone whistles loud enough to get your attention you turn, flustered as you walk over to where you heard the whistle. It came from yet another one of your biases holding the next item that was on your list. "Ya, Jagiya, neoui mog." He said handing you your next item. "Gamsahabnida!" You reply and do a short bow infront of him. "Ya! You don't need to be formal with me!" He yelled at you. You look to one of your biases and ask him what he said. "He said you don't need to be formal." Key said as he translated for you. "Thanks oppa!" You said to him. "Ya, Heechul, come with us!" You told your other bias (heechul). Key translated and he smiled at you as you head to the next store. You spot an elevator and you and the guys get on it and you go to floor 5(your next item was there). You all get off and you look for your next item. As you search for the next shop, you spot yet another one of your biases holding your next item at the front of your next store. You walk over to see this next bias and you notice that he is very fashionable! "Thank you Jiyong!" You tell him. "And may I say, you look fantastic baby!" You tell him. "Thanks, I try!" He replied. You then head to the next store where you see a very hot, wild and sexy man at the front of your next store holding your next item. "For you my lady." He said as you walk up to him to pickup your item. "Thank you Jackson!" You tell him. "Anytime girl, can I go with you to your next stop?" He asked. "Sure! Come on!" You replied. You then head for the next store to find your next item. Once you get there, you spot your next item at the front of the store. You walk in the store and pickup your item when another bias of yours pays for it himself. "Well thanks Sungkyu!" You tell him. He bows infront of you and stands behind Jackson. You then walk to the elevator with the guys and you go to BF1. Once you get there, you look for a good Chinese restaurant to sit at. Once you find it, you look for a long table to sit at and you set all of your items down on the table but Key bought you a large bag to put all your items in so he takes your items and puts them in the bag. You then get your phone out and report to your friends that you found everything on your list and you are currently sitting down at a Chinese restaurant with some people you found along with your items. Once one of your friends got your message, they asked you who you found. You tell them that you found your biases, and they rush over to the mall to meet you and your favorite idols at the restaurant. You then report to the hosts of the show that you found all of the items on the list and you also told them what stars you met. Once they got your report, they determined your exact location and met you there. As you were waiting for the hosts to arrive at the mall, your friends showed up and they started talking to you and they asked the stars for their signature. They brought their posters, cds, and other forms of fan merchandise. As your friends were getting signatures from the stars, the hosts show up and inspect your items, checking to make sure that you have all of your items, and then they pass you. "Sunggong!" They say, meaning success. Then they ask you what stars you met while you were shopping. You tell them you met Key, Namjoon, Heechul, G-Dragon, Jackson Wang, and Kim Sungkyu. "We want you to bring your items and the stars you met with you and come to our studio. Can you do that?" One host asked you. "Yes! We'll come!" You replied with excitement. You and the stars follow the hosts outside of the mall and you are all surrounded with security guards and crowded fans at the mall entrance as the guards guide you to the car and you all go back to the studio. During the car ride to the studio, you start talking to your biases about how much you love them and how you got into kpop. Once you all got to the studio you all sat down in the interview room and the hosts interviewed you on your admiration for your biases and why you chose them as your bias. Once the interview was over, the managers and the production staff treated everyone to dinner at the mall so you all went back to the mall at the Chinese restaurant for dinner and the production staff paid for everything. You enjoy the food with your favorite Korean celebrities and spend the rest of the night at the mall.

I hope you all liked it! Happy thanksgiving! I hope the turkey didn't make you too sleepy like it did me!

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