What I'm Thankful For

Wassup vingle buddies??? Kim here, stuffed and half sleepy from dinner. I hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving.

What I'm thankful for???? Well, I'm thankful for........everything!!! I got my health, family (although there are some bumps were going through right now) and of course, you all!!! Being on Vingle for almost a year now, I have met some great people. I'm glad to have met these lovely people who have me laughing and put a smile on my face. Thank you so much for making Vingle a fun place!!!!

Tagging my lovely Vingle Buddies: @AaliyahNewbell@Bangtanss@KaiLuhan4ever@ESwee@MelissaGarza@KokonoTakara@twistedPuppy@BabydollBre@AimeeH@CielNiteMarez@GamerKyumin@JessWang90@JaiiPanda@isabelad90@Lexxcisco@sukkyongwanser@Starbell808@MaggieHolm@Sailynn@ShailaZaman@Sweetduella@SugaKookieV@PrincessUnicorn@Tigerlily84@SkyBlast@MandyNonna@royalpandajedi@FromBlue2U@MarrickeJ33@amberg171997@BBxGD@PrettieeEmm@lilbr0wneyes@amobts@clandrea170@taekookiemonster

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