The Seven Dorks

The 7 dorks of bts? lets just see which one is which.


Here we have jhope as Happy. Jhope is one of the crazy, energetic, happy person. He makes his fans and members laugh like all the time, that why you cant get enough of the hope, Oh jhope what would I do with out you?

Next the Dopey Adward goes to/ drum roll please. .......... Taehyung! He just something, we all know v. But the things he does are special.

Sleepy is Suga baby. We all know he loves to sleepy, I mean he always sleep around. Oh suga.

I think Jimin fits bashful the best. Because he's proud to be himself. Sometimes he like to show off his manly skills and attract a lot of female fans to fall for him, even me! why jimin ?

Jin is like the mother of the group and he is also the oldest. he take care of the members and keep them on point. Jin you loyal, you grateful, I appreciate that.

RapMonster is the destroyer of the group. But I kinda think sneezy goes with him the best because when sneezy sneez he breaks almost everything.

The biggest of them all Is jungkook! I think grumpy would be good . Jungkook gets grumpy sometimes when he is being pick on or ignore. He get soo cute when he is angry.

Well thats it. you got your 7D right here. Lets wish them good luck on the MAMA Awards


I'm too lazy to tag more *_*

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