Stay with me Ch.4 (End)

Who: Jay Park X Reader What: Romance/ soft but idk if I can't call it fluff.

Almost forgot there's a Smut scene in here

Story: You deal with your worst break up by getting drunk at the same club that Jay Park happens to be partying. He seems to want to keep you around but you're pretty sure you know his type a hit it and quit it kind of guy. You don't trust that his intentions are pure but all he keeps doing is asking you to stay.

Jay's POVwhatWhat did that even mean?why is she so damn beautiful?nothingyouenough for you.sheY/n's POVPerfectMy womanOnlyMeWow.will

Sorry this update has taken so long and it is so long but you know holidays got me caught up. Also I'm working on my entry for the Jay Park contest so I'll post that before I post Addiction ch.4 because the Jay Park one has a deadline. Hope everyone had a nice Holiday Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed. ~BabydollbreSunshine Squad:Taglist:

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