Wishtrend's1st Official Meet & Greet Announcement

Hey guys! Oh my goodness! We can't believe that it is finally happening! Wishtrend will be holding their very first official Meet and Greet in December! We have waited for this moment to come for a very long time, and we can't express how excited we are! You will get to meet not only Eunice and Wendy but all of our Wishtrend staffs! So listen carefully to Eunice and Wendy to figure out how to participate in our very first official Meet and Greet! And there is more to come so stay tuned ♥

▶▶ How to apply for Wishtrend's official Meet & Greet ◀◀

1) For Wishtrend's 1st official Meet & Greet for Wishtrender in Korea (29th, December 2016)


2) For Wishtrend's 2017 official Meet & Greet for Wishtrenders outside of Korea (tbc, 2017)


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