Teen Top Community Contest!!

Hey guys!

Your mod Bren here to make an announcement about a contest the Teen Top Community will be hosting!

We have a great prize lined up for the winner! See below for details!

The contest your lovely mods will be hosting is a Fan Contest! Woo!!

Here are the rules:

1. Create something showing your love for Teen Top (Signs, Posters, Fan Art, Anything!)

2. Show some of your process of how you created it (Take a few pictures during your work)

3. Post it on Vingle tagging the Teen Top Team!

4. Anyone can participate - including Teen Top Mod support (however they won't be able to vote for their own project)

Your projects can be as silly or as cute as you want! This contest is meant to be fun :)

Time to post:

Please post your entries during 12/11 - 12/17

How the winner will be picked:

The Teen Top Team will review all entries and select their favorite via voting - majority wins.


And the thing everyone is wondering... What will you win?

Those who do not place within the top 3 will receive honorable mention and a card showing the different projects.

3rd Place - Spam of Teen Top bias

2nd Place - Select the theme of the Teen Top Community for 1 week

1st Place- A copy of '20's Love Two Exito' Album

Yes! An Album!!

Let's get creative Angels and show Teen Top lots of love! I know we are very excited to see your projects!

Feel free to spread the word!



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