I'm late but I'm thankful

I am very late, but I wanted to make a thankful card. For all of you on vingle who are my family I'm very thankful to you guys because I don't have to change myself to fit in. I can be myself with my kpop friends. I don't have very many friends who listen to kpop where I live, but I'm still thankful for them. I'm thankful for my family for always being there for me even if we have some issues these pass couple of months.

I'm more thankful for my niece and nephews that I have gain over the years from my baby niece Arianna, to mayson, to my 10 month nephew charles who all stolen my heart when I first saw them and no one can remove the love I have for all of them.

I'm more thankful for all my babies that I have fallen in love over the years. I could go about all my favorite groups but I don't want to make it long for you guys.


But I'm more thankful from you guys. I love talking about kpop with you guys then getting funny looks at. Being in a place where everyone gets you is amazing and not weird. My vingle family has grown a love spot and my heart and I couldn't thank you guys as much as words can explain how thankful and how much I appreciate you all. Seeing us come together in different states or countries. You guys know what love is and how much you guys affect me emotional, physical, and mentally. I have cried so much just by being a part of this family. So thank you everyone. I love you all dearly. Thank for being a part in my life and being who you guys are.

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