Bang Yongguk ❤️

I'm really missing this big teddy bear in all the things that B.A.P have been doing since their comeback with Skydive. I know that he needed a break though. His brother(I believe) posted something on Instagram(again, I believe) telling the fans that Yongguk was going to have to take a break. I can only imagine how other fans feel, especially ones that have been in the fandom longer, because when I don't see him on that stage, my heart drops. I believe Yongnam said that Yongguk has been going through a period of really bad depression and I just want everything to be better with him soon.

I just want him to feel better about everything and get back up on stage and be the big smiley teddy bear that we are all used to. I miss you, Yongguk. I can only imagine how much everyone else misses you, too. Get well soon! @mbg3t If anyone would like to be in my taglist, please comment down below ☺️ also, I am now an emotional sappy mess because of this 😭

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