Zico- Bermuda Triangle (ft. Dean and Crush)

So, Bermuda Triangle is out and I wanted to fangirl a bit about it 😂 I also got a few (a lot) pictures of Zico making derp faces...

I really really like the outfits in this video. Especially right here because all three of them look so good 😍

The last picture on this I am using as my laptop background! It looks good 😍 I really like the different hair styles Zico has in this. I'm sorry, but I'm Zico trash 😂☺️😍

This is the area where I took a few screenshots of Zico with derp faces 😂😂😂

Hakuna Ma-ta-ta. If I start saying Hakuna Matata the way Zico does, just ignore me 😂

I really like the colors in this area!

I think the church is the prettiest part of the music video!

I honestly just think Zico looks really good right here...

"Don't test us."

Bermuda Triangle 😂

Ok, but seriously! If you haven't watched the video yet, please do! These screenshots of Zico do not do the song any justice! It is so good! By now I've probably listened to it almost 20 times now that's how much I like it! @mbg3t If you would like to be added to a BBC taglist please comment down below ☺️ thanks in return to anyone who reads the card!

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