ATTENTION MODERATORS!!! We are doing it again!

Hey guys!! We have had a ton of requests for another fanfic event like our Halloween one! We have the plans in motion, but we need to see who is in for this. The time frame we are planning is - Dec 7-21 for submissions, winners announced by the 23rd, and the ultimate winner announced during the week between Christmas and New Years We will also have 2 different chats this time - one for business and one for pleasure, lol. I really hope you all participate again this time - the last event was such a huge success!! Message myself,@Junhwanbae92, or@Bangtanss if you are in or if you have any questions. This is going to be another amazing event!! :) *Moderators Tag List* @resavalencia@Junhwanbae92@Bangtanss@BBxGD@KwonOfAKind@MelissaGarza@luna1171@Storiamom426@JiyongLeo@Isolate@MonAnnahiX@lovetop@VixenViVi@KaiLuhan4ever@SugaKookieV@BrennaTran@IsoldaPazo@ChaErica@Helixx@StefaniTre@Tigerlily84@VKookie47@Qilin94@AimeeH@royalpandajedi@DayDaySMDC@KokoroNoTakara@MattK95 If there are any mods not on this list, please tag them in the comments! *all credit to owners *

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