"The 23 Teasers" (Part 1) EXO Theory


Hello everyone!!

I am back with another theory ^0^ Today's theory will talk about the 23 teasers that were released prior to EXO's song "What Is Love."

I probably should've done a theory on these first, but now I know that I made the right decision since the MV "What Is Love" went well with my theory, and if I had done this card first then everybody, including myself, would've been completely confused.

To be honest though, I had such a hard time coming up with how these teasers connected to my original theory, so I had to be pretty lenient on changing up my thought process. It's still the same theory, but it just has some more things added to it. This isn't a surprise since every MV should change my theory, in some way.

Most of the time I'm not going to be doing theories on teasers since teasers are basically just little sections of the entire MV, but I felt like I had to do a theory on these teasers since they were...unique.

I'm sorry if this theory is a little confusing. I admit, I haven't even gotten it completely wrapped around my head either and I'm not sure if I really know what I'm saying. Hopefully it will start to make more sense as I keep ranting.

Missed out on my other theories? Don't worry, I got your back!

-EXO Theories

"What Is Love"


My Theory?

I believe that the EXO members are Human, or were in the beginning. They were just normal everyday people living their everyday lives. Most of the members didn't know each other back then, but some of them did know each other. All the members had something in common: they knew something or were looking for something that they shouldn't have gotten involved with. What did they get involved with? A secret society that was testing, secretly, on people and giving them powers. Somehow, the boys got involved with the society and ended up being tested on, and eventually, given their own powers. The members escaped from the society numerous times, but the society was always with them, tracking them and watching them constantly. The boys were never actually free from the society. What happens to the boys and the society is told through the MVs.

In "What Is Love" I explained that the music video is showing the members before they had gotten involved with the society, and before they gained their powers. Each member knows something about the society, or at least that it exists. Some of the members are looking for the society, while others are kind of just living their lives. And maybe some of the members might be a part of the society already, but I'm not sure about that one. At the end of the video, the eclipse shows up and is a symbol for the society. Once the eclipse shows up, the EXO members are then, probably, taken away by the society.@KenyaMendoza made a good point by saying that the society probably left them hints or ideas about the society, which the EXO members chose to follow since they were probably curious, and were led to the society.


The Theory Behind "The 23 Teasers"

So what's the main idea behind these teasers? I believe that dreams also play a huge role in the story of the EXO MVs. The society uses the members' dreams as a way to control/test on them. I don't really want to get into detail with what kind role I think dreams will play in this just yet, but I do think that the members' dreams are connected to something bigger that's somehow connected to the society.

There are many reasons why I think dreams play such a huge role, and the idea behind this is more noticeable in the MVs that came out after "What Is Love," so for now, I'm kind of playing around with the idea of dreams for these teasers since, to me at least, dreams are the only things that explain what is going on in the teasers.

I'll explain more about my theory behind the teasers in part 2, which will be released in two hours, so please keep any eye out for that if you're curious about what else I have to say c:

Click here to continue to part 2:"The 23 Teasers" Part 2

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