Dream Come True: Chapter 4 It Begins 19+ (adult language) read at your own risk

Sorry So late on this one.. I have a few more to put up, I will be doing this here shortly... I apologize this one is long, as I believe all of them are. “I said. I. need. To. Speak. To this young lady. Is there a problem?” looking at the 23 yr. old that he had been searching for, for the past hour. Looking at this as an attempt to take what’s “so” rightfully his, Mr. Well-mannered man actually bared his teeth. “Step. Away!!! She’s mine!” he growled. With a look of aww on his face, JiYong-ssi reaches for her hand. And she just looks at JiYong-ssi with pleading eyes. “Its ok guys, I’m a big girl, I can find my own way back” she said, with a racing heart and shaking hands. Her husband possessively wraps his arm over her shoulder, and says to her. “Tell this gentleman here that you are not alone, and will be ok. ‘My Heart”. JiYong-ssi notices a tattoo on his left ring finger… “My Heart” it said. Then he looked at her left hand in a vain attempt to unlock his vice-like grip notices her left ring finger says “His Heart” it says. JiYong-ssi now fuming, flies into a fit of controlled anger that he would normally save for the stage. You know for those awesome performances that he gives to his public. “Well again you fail to hear what I am saying, her mother needs her and I must get her there quickly, the hospital transport is on its way.” JiYong-ssi said calmly, looking into her eyes. “Stiffening at this news once more Mr. Well-Mannered looks at his wife and says, “I’m coming with.” “Fine, if you insist, but please do not, cause, a scandal here I am trying to keep all 4 of them safe. Retorted JiYong. “Where is my Princess?” the 23 yr. old asks in a shaky voice. “Her father has her.” JiYong smirked while looking at Mr. Well-Mannered. “SHE IS HERE!!!!” he shouts. “No wonder you were trying to run away. KA-CHA!!!” and begins to look for the fastest route. To where? “JiYong-ssi, please which way? I have to see to her safety.” “To whom are you referring, Eomeoni is with T.O.P-Hyung, and Daesung-Hyung has ‘HIS’ daughter. JiYong enunciates the “his”, with rancor in his tone. The 23 yr. old looks at JiYong, “with who?” “She is with her father. Had you been where Eomeoni left you, I would not have come to find you and we would not be here.” Looking at Mr. Well-mannered. “JiYong-ssi I will not allow your disrespectful look towards me no more.” He said. “Miahney chebal, do not mistake my kind features for disrespect… it’s actually disgust. Disgusted that you could actually do this knowing what was going to happen?” JiYong spat.

“Uhh hello… Miahney, but I really do not want to get into your man scuffle here, but Omma, and my baby girl are in need of me. Chebal! Kwon JiYong-ssi chebal Omma the baby!” she cried.“Ye yeodongsaeng neul beob” he replied. (Yes, little sister in law.) “Come with me” he commanded.And just like that she let go of her husband and accepted her new life. Without her husband. (She hoped.)*back in the lounge*“Yahhh, you need to wake up, you daughter and the baby are going to worry over your health.” T.O.P. cooed over my strewn form. I just wish he would stop talking so I can wake up. My conscious mind groggily shouting between yawns. But at the same time, I really don’t want him to stop.*silent swooshing of the automatic doors opening*“Omma, where are you?!! Shouted the 22 yr., old. “Ommaaaaaaaaa!!!!” she cried. “The back room” directed Seungri-ssi “be calm, T.O.P.-Hyung is with her.” He states“OH HELL!!!” she cringes. And ran to the back. “T.O.P Oppa STOP TALKING!!!!” the 22 yr. old screamed.YOUR VOICE KEEPS HER ASLEEP.”T.O.P. stood straight up and said “WHAT THE HELL DO YOU MEAN MY VOICE KEEPS HER ASLEEP?!!!”“When she was hurting, which has been since the night ‘He’ walked away from her. She couldn’t sleep and would be up all night checking the locks and making sure we were safe, you know from… him… well, she started listening to your music, and had a friend remove the music, and slowed your voice down, digitally of course. And well she plays you all night on a loop and she sleeps. Comfortably, but she sleeps. There is a routine that we must do to get her up. Its time consuming but we can get her up, without medical intervention.” She informed...And by this time all of the remaining 4 were in the room, Daesung holding a squirming 4 yr. old, “I go Mimi appa. I go Mimi.” She hiccupped… he sets the baby on the floor, and she ran over to her grandmother….“Mimi, I see uncle GDragon, and I see Daesung Abeoji, and uncle Seungri, and my Pink hair Tae-Yang, and T.O.P Hara-Abeoji him make you fall on the floor. Time wake up! Hana-duel-set, ready for the waller. I coming to wet chuuu…” and the Family princess lays next to her grandmother and licks her cheek. Causing you to wince and move your hand to your face.Making the boys look in aww at the way this little girl is helping her family. Now in comes the 22 yr. old. “Omma, Pancakes and bacon…” she asks…And just like that … “ITS NOT BACON ITS BAEKHYUN!!!!! DAMN IT!!!” said the body on the floor.Seungri-ssi, Daesung-ssi, T.O.P.-Oppa, where is my sister? If she is not here, I can’t do this alone.” She whispered.“Let us help you, and the boys circle around you. Please.” Tae-Yang said… In unexplored territory, she accepts. And starts giving orders. “T.O.P-Oppa help sit her up. Slowly. Tae-Yang remove her shoes. Seungri go on the other side and let’s see if we can make her stand. Daesung-ssi the baby please… ok, let’s stand her up.” *the lounge doors open*“Because you were being a jerk I was missing vital time away from my Mom! You jerk!” the 23 yr. old yelled at her husband.“Like I knew all of them were here. And had I known I would not have allowed you to be around ANY OF THEM!” Mr. Well-Mannered yelled back at his wife.“YAHHHH!!! Do not yell at her like you know her! “Shouts DaesungIn walks JiYong… “Causing trouble after you agreed not to.” He said... “WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO EOMEONI?!” he demands. She shouldn’t be moved, she hit her head when she fell! He shouts.“Kwon JiYong-ssi, it is ok, we go through this almost every morning with her, I just need my sister to calm down and do what she needs to do so Omma can wake up comfortable. Sister, Chebal, she is awake and can hear everything you say. It is one of the reasons how we as younger children never got away with anything,” said the 22 yr. old.“Yeobo, are you sure you can wake her?” JiYong-ssi asked his soon to be wife.“Please do not distract me, you are just too… yeah!” she said.“I get that a lot so I know what you are saying. I will stand over hear.” He replied with a smile on his face like “Jeah! She thinks I’m hot! I’m in!”The baby seeing her mommy runs to her and begins to wail all her 4 yr. old questions. “Mommy were you bin, Mimi on the floor, her like T.O.P.-Haraeobji talking, him no know. Why himz here, when him get here, how you know him. Why Daesung say him taking you me home…” you know the normal questions…

“Oh.O.O.Ok princess, stay with Abeoji and don’t move from his side, I need to wake Mimi up, ok.” The 23 yr. old informed the princess of her life.“Where have you stopped at?” she asked her sister.“She just responded to Baekhyun.“Mm, ok, I see she is going to be difficult to wake up, then I guess I’m just going to have to call… ‘Him”. She said while looking at her mother now sitting in the cushy chair of the V.I.P. lounge of the Ritz.“Of all the places that we end up in the world, I wonder if he is Japan right now. Yahhh! Tae-Yang-ssi, may I borrow your hand phone?” she looked at him with a look of please just go along, and gave him a wink.Tae-yang-ssi just looked befuddled and then got the jist of what his role in all this was, and stammered with his reply. “Y-y-ye, Wae?” he asked.“I’m calling Her Father.” She said.“Uh ok…” he handed her the phone. While she pretended to dial the number, she noticed that T.O.P. had on a belt. And asked for it. “I need your belt. Give it to m-“ “You better not even think about calling him!” She scolded her daughter. “I Otta smack you until the U.S, feels the vibrations.The boys just looked at each other and their hands went quickly to one side of their face. With a look of “Oww”“Mimi you wake!” squealed the 4 yr. old.“Yes I am, and where were Y’all, I was worried.” She asked her princess.“Yahhh, let’s give Eomeoni some time to rest, I got a room for you here, and had your things moved from the hostel, to my apartment. You will be staying with me, until we can get everything signed and settled.” JiYong-ssi stated very matter-of-factly.“No it’s ok, we can go back to the room, and we were fine JiYong-ssi, no need to put yourself out.” I said in return.“Eomeoni. Do not shy away from what I am supposed to do.” He answered.“Yeah, what is that?” interjected Mr. Well-Mannered “you know nothing of what needs to be done. Nor how to care for them.”“YAHHH PARK JAYBEUM! I HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF YOU!” JiYong-ssi growled, baring his teeth. The 22 yr. old runs to the side of JiYong.“Kwon JiYong-ssi please? Do not lose face. Omma. Chebal?” said the 22 yr old.Daesung carries the baby away. Tae-Yang runs after Daesung, and takes the now crying princess from his arms, and allows Daesung to return and defend his new Wife properly. Seungri is standing by Eomeoni, holding her down. The 23 yr. old is trying to run after Daesung, to comfort her crying child. But thinks better of it turns on her heals towards her legal husband.“Yahhh what is with you Jay? She yelled “why are being like this?” “YOU DAMN IT! YOU ARE THE REASON I AM LIKE THIS! YOU LEFT RIGHT AFTER THE WEDDING AND THEN I FIND OUT THAT YOU HAD A BABY LIKE JUST 1 HOUR AGO, AND THERE IS A HIGH PROBABILITY THAT SHE IS MINE! BECAUSE SHE IS! A LITTLE GIRL WHO I KNEW NOTHING ABOUT! AND HOW SELFISH THAT WAS ON YOUR PART! AND HOW HAPPY I WAS TO SEE YOU WHEN YOU WALKED INTO THE AIRPORT! I HAD NO CLUE AS TO WHERE YOU WERE EVEN STAYING! I thought you had come to find me… I guess I was wrong. (Feeling defeated Jay let her have it!) BUT I DO KNOW ONE THING. AND THAT’S DAMN WELL THAT YOU WILL NOT BE LEAVING ME AGAIN!” Jay shouted back“Yahhh! Why are you even here? What is your purpose here, and why do you keep harassing my future wife. If Eomeoni says it is ok?” he said while turning to look at you.You look at him with a look of, what, and look at Park JayBeum, and look at Daesung. You closed your eyes and gave your approval… (What the hell just happened? Did you just give your daughter and her child to Daesung? And what’s with the 22 yr. old? Is she going to be ok with your decision to marry Kwon JiYong Seobang?)“I hate to break the news to you, Eomeoni… as I can see that ‘she’ has failed to give vital information regarding her Marital Status.” Jay said“I’m sorry what the hell are you talking about?” I demanded.“Mother, please do not listen to this fool.” My 23 yr. old said.“SHUT YOUR MOUTH, AND LET HIM SPEAK. AND REMEMBER THESE ARE MEN YOU ARE SPEAKING TO! I said. “Do not forget your place Daughter.” The members of Big Bang just looked at one another and just nodded their acceptance, in their choice in Mother in law.(The 23 yr. old just maneuvered herself towards Daesung and he willingly opened his arms to embrace your daughter and comfort her, she looked up to him and seeked his eyes for comfort. And gave a silent plea, “the baby?” he just smiles and mouths “Tae-Yang-Hyung” he said. You sigh with relief.)JiYong came to your side and asked “are you able to do this today. I would like to get you to the hospital and have you checked out. Please Eomeoni.” He pleaded.“JiYong Seobang, I will do as you say. You have charge of my family now. You are the man of the house. Until further notice. Do you accept this?” I said looking into the eyes of the young man kneeling at my feet. “And please stand up! No kneeling, you’ve done nothing wrong…” I chided. “Ye Eomeoni, I accept. Gamsampmida” he answered and gave a respectful bow.“Park JayBeum, you will resume this conversation after I take Mother to get checked and only if you promise to be on your best behavior, and do not cause scandal. Do you agree?” the head of my house said.“I accept these terms, on the condition that you send me all and every finding of Eomeoni’s health, I am a part of this family too, whether you like it or not!” he said through gritted teeth. “And I want to see my daughter!”

Daesung chimed in at that moment. “You cannot! I had her registered 4 months ago as my daughter, so she is MY daughter! Stay away!” he growled. Pulling his new wife behind him.“We will see about this!” perked Jay.“Eomeoni. And where is the other?” asked Seungri.“I’m sorry.” You said. Looking at him, and quickly regretting it, because you gave him a look that actually made him worry, because you turned green.“Seungri-Hyung let’s get her to the hospital. And we will get answers later.” Said T.O.P.“Remember your words Kwon JiYong-ssi. I want those results and lists of all tests. And I will be sending my own Dr. to confer with yours and see if the findings are equal.” Jay added. “Daesung-ssi. Please be ready with my daughter and get ready to hand her over, I will be filing for ‘MY Parental rights, and you! (He turned towards the Family Princess Mother) you will not be married to him! Not if I can help it” he stammered.“Eomeoni, please feel better. I am available 24 hours just call me directly, and hands you a business card. Bends over to kiss your cheek, and bows deeply, and then turns to Daesung-ssi. “You will not win, and I refuse to let her go! EITHER OF THEM!” jay said matter-of-factly. His words spewing like venom, hitting the 23 yr. old right where it hurt. Her princess. She held onto Daesung’s arm tightly, holding him back from trying to run after and give Park JayBeum a beat down. And told him… “Daesung-ssi it’s not worth it! Let him go.” She said with quiver exhalation….“JiYongah. Please, son, I…” and once again you are out. But thankfully sitting in the comfy cushy chair on the VIP lounge of the Ritz-Carlton Seoul. “What’s this? YOU SAID SHE WOULD BE FINE!” JiYong-ssi snapped.“She is always fine afterwards!” the 22 yr. old snapped back. “What did I miss, what is it Omma?”“I swear I didn’t say a word other than to Seungri-Hyung.” Chimed in T.O.P.“YAAHHHHHH!!!” shouted the 23 yr. old… “SHE DIDN’T EAT!!! SISTER OH GOD SHE DIDN’T EAT!!!” “OMMA!!! WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP!!!!!!” the 22 yr. old cried. “Her medication”But life was just barely there…. {Great, here I go again. And my poor baby girl, still suffering because of me. Now what is it?} “DAESUNG THE TRANSPORT! NOW” shouted JiYongah“I’m on the phone now Hyung” he responded. “They are coming in the garage now….”T.O.P. took off running like a bat out of hell, looking back for only a moment to spare a glance at you. And then he disappeared….“Kwon JiYong-ssi what did Omma, speak to you about?” Asked his wife.“Us” he said.“What about us, I mean, we need to talk, but I want to know what she meant about ‘the head of her houses’ because she will not just do that.” She asked…“Yeobo, chebal, I got this. I need to make a phone call” he said to his wife.“You would.” she said and rolled her eyes. He just smiled and made his phone call. With her in his sights.(The hospital transport finally made it. And took your unconscious body to the hospital of JiYongah’s choosing.) Tae-Yang brought out the baby, and was just cooing into her ear, where she lied in his arms, hiccupping her broken heart away. From being ripped away from her Abeoji, and her uncle GDragon, and her Seungri, and her Mimi’s T.O.P Oppas presence. But she was sleeping and in no eminent distress. Daesung reaches for her… but Tae-Yang refused. “She may be your daughter, but SHE is my responsibility!” he said with a smile….“Uhhhh, she is my daughter and I am responsible for her. Thank you very much.” Said her mother.Daesung turned to his future and stated very matter-of-factly… “Do. Not. Even, try. He has staked his claim, and just know. He will be the best Godfather she has…” “You have some explaining to do.” Said the 23yr. old.“As do you” he countered.“Ok. She is being taken to _______ and now we need to go.” Kwon JiYong-ssi said.“Ok. Ka-Cha” the boys said in unison…The girls just giggled…. And the boys just looked at them with looks of “what?” Now to get you to the cars… T.O.P. lead the front, Daesung took His future wife tightly by the arm. With Tae-Yang close behind princess tightly in his arms. JiYong had his wife on his arm, Seungri bringing up the rear. And as you all reached the Lobby, security was waiting, and the fans had gathered outside, all shouting. The Paparazzi were snapping their flashing lights. Which The Princess, did not take kindly to. She squinted her already closed eyes. And jumped at the girls screaming for their beloved Bias… Seungri removed his overcoat. And covered the baby’s sleeping body. As JiYong came out with your daughter on his arm, the fans screamed. The paparazzi went Ballistic with questions. Daesung hugged your other daughter closely. The fans wanting to know the who, what, when, where and whys. But to no avail…. No explanations were given. Just smiles and a seriousness of getting to the hospital. Your family sat in uncomfortable chairs located at the side of your bed staring at the wires connecting you to all sorts of machines that played a quiet lullaby, as your hearing for the first time failed you. You did not know if you were upside down or right side up. *inner monologue*“There are people in the room. Men.” YOUR DAUGHTERS! “Oh god! What has happened, what did I do? Where did I go? The men! My daughters, where are my babies?” You struggled to move but all the bells and whistles did go off in unison when you did. The earth began to rumble. No.Running. People are running. “I hope the person is ok.” Your subconscious mind chides you for beingWorried about someone else rather than yourself. “YOU DOPE! THEY ARE RUNNING TO YOU!” *inner eye roll* “oh. Yeah… I’m dumb!” you giggle to yourself. It’s almost like being suspended in time. And not having to worry about anything. You can hear peopleTalking, and yet you cannot understand what they are saying. “Humph. It doesn’t involve me, so I’m not going to fret.” And you still fail to grasp the gravity of yourSituation. Even at your age. “WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING?! MOMMY! MOMMY! MOMMY WAKE UP!” Shouts the 22 yr. old.“JiYong-ssi GET HER OUT OF HERE!!” shouts the 23 yr. old. “Yeobo, come on. Let the Doctors do their job… Hyungs, let’s go outside, Tae-Yang-Hyung, bring theBaby.” “Ye Hyung.” He turns towards the baby. “Come on princess, let’s go find some toys to play with, ye?” heasks her.“And sum shin to eats, I hungee.” Says the 4 yr. old“You’re hungry? Did you not eat breakfast?” he asked.“Uh uhh, Mimi got sick again, and her fall down again, I no say nothing, hers Mimi, her needs all Tension” she said.“Well let’s go find something to eat then we will find something to play with. Ok.” He says to the soon toBe Youngest Queen of his heart…

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