Yoongi/Yoonmin Fanfiction: Part 9

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Yoongi's P.O.V:

"Alright, I'm off. I'll be back whenever," Namjoon said the next morning, heading out to Bang PD-Nim's office to talk about Arlene. Of course, there were other dancers we wanted to suggest as well as writers. Not to mention, he was there to mention any concerns we had, days off we wanted, concepts, and any new things that Bang PD wanted to tell us.

This was the most stressful part for Namjoon. Keeping us in check, telling us what to do, organizing shit, writing music, and handling all formal affairs was nothing for Namjoonie. He handled all that easily. The worst and most stressful part was talking to Bang PD-Nim personally. They were close, but they butted heads a lot. Bang PD had to look out and make choices for the company with us in mind. Namjoon had to make choices looking out for us... with the company in mind. It's not the same thing, and it's what makes those meetings long and stressful.

It was 6 in the morning, and we all headed out to practice earlier than usual. Sometimes we started at 11... other times at 8... and when he wanted to have some of the afternoon to write music or relax, we went earlier. We should be able to get home at 7 tonight. That gives me plenty of time to finish two songs I've been working on, and do some producing for future songs.

I checked my phone on the way down the elevator. I got a few messages from friends, acquaintances, a ton of emails, and other notifications i didn't care about.

We all walked into the dance studio, greeting the few staff that were there. Usually, our dance instructor would be here, but since Jiminie and Hop-y already memorized the dance, they would help us if we messed anything up or forgot a move.

"Okay guys," J-hope started, way too fucking hyper for the morning. He continued to talk as we stretched. "Our music video goes live at midnight tonight, then we have a few TV award shows and performances, fan meetings and such for two months. This is the last dance we need to get down, so we'll practice the one for the title song for an hour, then jump back to the one we're learning now. Don't stress it too much please. The title song is the dance we'll be performing ever single time, while the new dance will only be performed a few.... Okay! Fighting!"

And that ended J-hope's morning speech he always gave. Though, i was always greatfull for it. It was a refreshing reminder for the day.

"Hyung," Jiminie struggled to call me. I was the closest one too him so i knew he was calling me. I looked back at him struggling to do a back-bend, until he flopped to the floor with a frustrated sigh. I scrunched up my nose a bit, kneeling next to him.

I place the palm of one of my hands underneath him and against his tail-bone firmly. My other palm rested against his gut, pushing down firmly. I counted down from three, and lifted him up while he adjusted his arms to hold himself up.

"Thank you hyung." I hummed in response, waiting for him to finish stretching,

Two and a half hours had past and we were all practicing the new dance. I had finally gotten the entire fucking thing down and was having fun with it, though my feet would tell you otherwise.

Namjoon walked through the door, looking almost as tired as the rest of us. There were a total of two staff members in the practice room, who Namjoon told to take a 15 minute break. They nodded and bowed before happily walking out of the room.

"You guys take a 15 too. We gotta talk." I nodded, dropping to the floor tired as a mother fucker. He thew us each a towel and a water bottle. Thanking him, i patted the sweat away from my neck and hair.

Namjoon sat in front of us all, reading through his phone. Most likely he took his notes in there.

"So, we'll start with time off. I know you guys wanted at least one day a week, but it was instantly refused," We all groaned in protest. "But, i was able to cut off practice 4 hours early on weekends. If we start practice at 8, we'll end at 5. If we start at 11, we'll end at 8." Sighs of relief left us all, happy that there was at least a compromise.

"After this comeback and all the award shows, we'll be on a break for 8 months officially. During that time, some of us will do variety shows, and some of us will write music for when we start working on another album. We'll see how it plays out." We all nodded, figuring that would be the case.

"As for the dancers and writers we recommended... he refused to higher any of them except for one." Namjoon looked at me, and nodded.

"No way, he accepted Arlene?" I asked in disbelief. He nodded and Jiminie got all fucking exited with Tae, hugging him. Why was Tae so excited? I simply cocked a smile, assuming it was because he could be himself if she came over, not having to hide his true self.

"We had proof of her skill. That video of her choreography won him over. He wants to see her and her portfolio with pictures. The writing he decided to leave up to us if we want her to ever help us with a song or producing. He's hiring her as a choreographer strictly, but may ask her to photograph if he likes her pictures."

"So if we want her to write with, it'll just be something she's allowed to come over to help us with?" I asked. Usually, we ask people to write lyrics in their own studio and we'll fax between each other. That or they'll come for only an hour and help for a short amount of time. If Bang PD says she can help us in general, that means she'll be able to come over and we can take our time thinking out the lyrics together.

"Yea, but we don't even know if she's a good writer-"

"She is," Jiminie interjected. "She's got an entire book filled with songs. She always goes back and forth, fixing any lyrics she changes her mind about. It's a big black book and it's pretty messy from all the writing. But i kid you not... ever page is filled."

"I'll check it out when she comes. Bang PD-Nim wanted to see her as soon as possible, since he has a meeting in Busan in an hour so she's headed over now. I'm lucky i called her before she was headed to her studio-"

"She does know that a full time job here will mean ever single day, right? She won't be able to keep going to that studio, or do photography-"

"I've warned her yes." Namjoon interrupted me just as i did with him. "When i called her, i warned her not to meet him if she wouldn't be able to drop her other projects. She agreed and said she was on her way." I nodded, standing up to continue with practice as i saw the staff members come back.

Another hour passed. We were killing this dance and doing so well. I was happy with how much i was improving especially in the front. I looked like Jiminie with most of my moves, so much so even he noticed.

Once the music ended, the practice room door opened, and Arlene shyly looked at us all, bowing. Her hair was loose and straightened, beautifully framing her face and ending in length at her hips. She wore a blood red blazer over a plain black top. Long black pant that were neatly ironed covered her lower half, almost completely covering her feet that were also covered by red flats. She looked up at us, and smiled.

"Namjoon, i know i'm smiling, but i really wanna fuckin kill you." She spoke to him in English. Seriously? Do i have to take English classes now?!

"Why why why?!" He asked her, seeming shocked. He patted his sweat away with a towel, looking at her intently. She dropped the small purse she had and the two books she had.

"Because you can't just expect me to go on an interview with zero warning and zero preparation on an hour time limit when i live 20 minutes away and need to get ready!" She practically shouted at him. I just looked at Junkook, hoping he'd have any clue what the fuck she was saying. He just shook his head and shrugged, just as clueless.

"I know i know i'm sorry i know it was last minute-"

"No joonie, that was beyooond last minute! I got here 15 minutes before he had to leave. I had to impress him in 15 minutes do you know how hard that is?!" She literally shouted. He kept apologizing and she just shook her head, saying something that sounded like "it's okay" but i couldn't tell.

"You're lucky he liked me. He hired me to start after this comeback. That means i start in two months. I'm gonna tie together all the photography gigs i have, cancel some of them, and leave the studio. I'll be back later with my songs and pictures as well as some of my dances-"

"Wait, are you going to be our only choreographer?" Namjoon asked, and she shook her head.

"I've never choreographed group dances, so i'll just be here to help. He thought it'd be a good idea for you guys to do more solo dances, so i'll be working on that."

"You can come back at 8. We'll be done by then." They both nodded and she bowed to the rest of us, waving goodbye before leaving.

Before we even asked, Namjoon relayed the information to us and i understood why she yelled at him. Fuck i would've done the same thing. Well... I probably would've hit him a little bit... or a lot. I laughed at my own thoughts and we all continued with our practice, switching back and forth between the two songs.

We practiced some of our old dances as well, since after the TV shows, we'll be doing a small fan meeting and concert in Japan. We also recorded a video for YouTube of us just messing around as we usually do.

8 could not come around sooner. Once we were done at 7, Namjoonie and Jin-hyung went to get take out because Jin was too tired to cook and i wasn't going to make ramen. The laziness was taking over and i just wanted to write.

I showered quickly, putting on comfortable pajamas, and getting my laptop and notepad.

As i started writing, I saw Jiminie crawl onto my bed from the corner of my eye. I payed no mind to him, seeing as he does this every so often. He stuck his phone in front of my face, and pointed at the message from Arlene that said "I'm on my way."










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