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Warning: May contain Sexual content and cussing

Word Count: 1078


“Hey… whoa, you look like a train hit you… why are you in just a sheet…” She started to say and then she paused with a devilish grin on her face. “Perhaps, Suga stopped by…” She insinuated. “Nope.” “Oh,” she sounded confused. “Namjoon did…” Her eyes opened in shock. “What the hell is wrong with you? Do you know what would happen if either of them found out?” “Can I at least put some clothes on before you start to lecture me?” I asked sarcastically. She allowed me to change into some clothes and straighten up my bed before we continued our conversation. I sat on the bed and patted the mattress beside me and she pulled the office chair that was in front of my desk to sit in front of me. “Why won’t you sit next to me?” “I’m not going to touch that mattress you have already slept with two guys in it already. I laughed. “Who said me and Suga used the mattress?” I said eyeing the chair. I laughed at her disgusted face and told her I was kidding.

“Now, where did we leave off?” I asked. “What if they find out that you slept with both of them? Huh? You could lose your job, lose their trust, etc.” “Oh, I highly doubt that they will spill anything. Of course, they will probably brag that they did it, but they won’t spill.” "How are you sure it will happen that way?" “I’m not…” “Well, if everything gets fucked up, I’m here…” “Thanks, Mary…” “Anything for you…” I paused “Anyways, why did you come to my room? Something up?” She winced when I asked the question. “Well…”

She paused. “I kind of just went with Mr. Kim…Not knowing that he asked me on a date and things got really awkward towards the end…” “What do you mean?” “Well, he sort of kissed me, and I was surprised, so I froze…” I couldn’t help, but to laugh. “This is not funny…” she whined. “Oh, come on you know you’re attracted to him, just date him,” I said after my fit of laughter. “Well, I just…(sigh)… I don’t know how to fix my mistake…I think I messed up with him. Can you help me, please, best friend?” She gave me a pouty look, I sighed “Fine, I’ll talk to him… I feel like we’re in Junior High again when I helped you with that guy you crushed on and you were too nervous to talk to him,” I replied. “Except you’re in a Porno movie…” I slapped her on the arm as she laughed at me.

“When did you become so violent?” She asked rubbing her arm. “I don’t know, maybe I have become a bit kinky?” I joked. “I didn’t need to hear that!” “You’re so innocent, you’re adorable,” I said ruffling her hair. She gave me a glare. “Well, you were almost just as innocent as I was before you got here.” “True, True,” After our conversation finished, she went to her room, which was a few doors down and across the hall form me. I was relieved that my best friend was living so close to me, she was my home away from home.

I went and passed out on my bed around one in the morning, only to wake up at 5 am to get ready for practice with Tae. I walked into the practice room, with my right shoulder feeling a bit stiff from sleeping on it wrong. “Good Morning, Tae,” I said as I walked into the practice room as I rubbed my neck trying to get the muscles to relax. He smiled and then it faded. He walked behind me and asked “Is your shoulder bothering you? Maybe you shouldn’t dance today…” “No, it’s okay, I just have a cramp from sleeping wrong,” I replied trying to get him to not worry about me. I felt his hand go on my shoulder and start to massage it. “Is this okay? For me to help you anyways?” He asked in a shy voice. “Yes, thank you.” His hands were magic because he got the cramp out of it in no time.

I turned to him when it was gone and said “Thank you,” again. I saw a light pink spread across his face. “Oh, is someone embarrassed?” I asked teasingly, poking his cheek. “No!” he protested cutely. I squinted my eyes at him and smiled. “Oh, really,” I cooed. “Yes, really,” He tried to avoid eye contact. I poked him in the stomach, “Yaah, you should look at your elders when they talk to you,” I playfully scolded him. He jumped away from my finger so I decided to really get his attention. I started to tickle him, and this is when I started a tickle war. “I’ll stop if you look me in the eye,” I laughed trying to get him to look at me like he usually does. “I’ll stop if I get to ask a question and get your answer,” He stated. He looked me in the eye so I did what I promised, but I still didn’t answer him, so he continued to tickle me. “Okay, you can ask me a question.”

We were both out of breath and he was looking me in the eyes. He still had his hands around my waist and he was holding me. Suddenly, his lips were on mine, I tensed in shock. It was a little kiss, like I’ve never felt before. Not realizing it, I started to kiss him back. He deepened the kiss, I pulled away a soon as I knew what I was doing. I could feel my face flush, so I turned around to try and hide it. “Um, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have…”

Tae started trying to sound stable, but his voice wavered with frustration and embarrassment. “I’m just going to go…I have to get to work early anyways…” “Wait,” He grabbed my arm, but I didn’t even turn to him. “I’m sorry. You don’t have to leave…Can we talk about this?” “I think we should forget that it happened…I’m sorry, Tae. I just...” I paused. “I’ll see you later okay?” I looked at him and he seemed cool and even on the surface, but I can tell that he was still frustrated by the grip on my arm. I brushed him off and walked out. My mind was swimming with confusion as I left.

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