Coffee Break part 22

Lol so I had a shock along with everyone in the last chapter lol eek! oh Yoongi bad boy bad! You have to slow down a bit lol. At least now were going to see Yoongi's view of how it comes up AND Oh My! lol

Yoongi view*** I couldn't help but wonder as Keri laid in my arms. I was so in the moment but I didn't miss that she yelped as I tore her. I could feel it, it wasnt the first time I'd been a first. I knew that feeling. I knew I was her first but I had to make sure. When she shifted keri looked up at me and smiled. "Is it morning?" She asked cutely. I looked around for a clock. 3 30 a.m. it was definitely not morning. "No babe. Go back to sleep" I told her. I would ask her in the morning. A couple hours later I woke up after falling asleep watching her. Keri was awake and pushing my hair off my forehead. "Morning sleepy head" she said making me smile. "Morning baby" I said sleepily. "I'm going to get up and shower, you can use it after me" she told me. Keri shifted away from me. "Hmm or I can join you" he said. "Uh but I'll be naked" she said unsure. I couldn't help but chuckle. "Baby I think we're past that" I told her as she clutched a blanket around herself. "But you'll see me" her eyes shifted. I narrowed my eyes. "Yes so?" I asked. "Well then you'll see my body, uh my . . . fluffy body" she looked down. I couldn't help but chuckle. "Fluffy?" I said as she looked up and her eyes narrowed. "Baby I saw all of you last night. I held you in my arms. If you think I don't know how you feel your wrong" I told her sitting up in bed. Leaning against my elbows I looked at her standing there with a blanket around her, cleavage showing over the top of the blanket and how it wrapped around her.  "Believe me babe, I like your body" I told her. "Your just saying that" she said turning around then turned back eyes wide as she searched for something. "What is it?" I asked. "Um. Yoongi where did you put the condom?" She asked. Condom? Oh shit! I had forgotten. "Where is it yoongi?" She asked again. "I uh forgot" I scratched the back of my neck. "I'm sorry Keri. Shit I'm an idiot, I can't, we were so in the moment, I forgot" he said. "Seriously?" She sat on the bed. "Yoongi oh what am I going to do? I just had my period, I'm not on the pill or anything I, yoongi I was a virgin I never needed it before" she was stammering as she went from sentence to sentence. I knew it! I was her first. I wanted to feel proud of that . . . but I just fucked up. "I know I should have remembered. I'll remember next time. And we'll wait until after you get your period to make sure, uh your, um, not . . . pregnant" I had a hard time saying that.  I didn't want to get her pregnant. I couldn't have a child now, I was just starting out my career.   "Okay." She looked about ready to cry. "Hey hey it's okay. Besides no one gets pregnant the first-" she whipped around so fast and cover my mouth with her hands "Don't you dare finish that sentence" she glared at mem I couldn't help but chuckle behind her hand. "Alright I won't say it" I said when she uncovered my mouth. I pressed my lips to her palm in a sweet gesture them scooped her up. "Okay shower time. We should get up and get some coffee" I told her. "And you probably have to work" she nodded. After several minutes I got her in the shower and helped her wash her hair and body which she gladly returned the favor. Oh the temptation, but after that talk I wouldn't do anything. I shocked myself. After that I took her out for coffee and breakfast. We went to this little holr in the wall. Literly it was a hole in the wall that we went through and came out in what Keri described, a cattsrpillar cave. I swear she comes up with some crazy things. The walls were covered in shelves of books and there was a raised area that had seating in the corner and only 4 tables in the place. "I love this!' Keri said. "How did you find this place?" I asked her.she was the one to ask to be brought herem "Hmm oh internet. I had put a shop like this in my last book and researched. I'd only seen the pictures" she said. "But you never came?" I stared at her in disbelief. I really shouldn't. I know her enough to know she didn't do things on her own, wanting to experience the with other people. But, it had to deal with coffee. Keri was nuts about coffee. "Why didn't you come?" I asked her. "Just because" she shrugged and turned to me. "Want to sit in the cornet there?" She asked. "Yes, you want me to place your order?" I asked. "Yes. A large Drunken Monkey iced" she said. "Got it". The place had some strange names for their drinks. "What can I get for you?" The girl said behind the counter. It was funny, she had the same hair color I had. Red color. "Can I get a large iced drunken coffee, a medium mud pie iced coffee and to breakfast sandwiches" I ordered. She rang me up and the asked for my name for the order. "Yoongi" I told her. "I like your hair by the way"I added pointing to my own where I had the same color she grinned at me. "Thanks. Looks good on you too" she added. "You have trouble keeping it this color?" She asked me. "Not really. I'll change the color once it fades" I shrugged.  By the time it faded it was time to change colors anyway. "Oh you'll have to tell me your secret" she said. "Uh I change colors when it fades" I said honestly which made her laugh. "That would be a major secret" she grinned at me.  "Okay I'll have your coffee out in just a minute" she said as she went in back yi make it. I went back to Keri who was up and about looking at the books on the walls. When i came up behind her she turned with a smile in her face. "Yoongi yoongi look! They have a few of my books here" keri said pointing to a group of books. I saw three books in a row that had a name Kerrilyn Yang. "You know it took me some time to find your books with that name. I ended up looking it up by the name of your book you told me" I told her as I selected on of the books. "I never gave you my full name before had I?" Her eyes widened as she stared at me. "No. But that's okay" I said. We looked around the place from wall to wall, Keri looked like she was about yo bounce off the walls. When our order was up we took a seat and dug in to our breakfast. When we were done I told her I should head into work soon. "Awe. I wish we could stay here all afternoon" she sighed. "You can always stay" I told her but she shook her head. "No it wouldn't be as exciting if you weren't here with me" she said making my heart skip.  She said those things like it was nothing but it just told me and my heart how much I brighten up her world. That or I read between the lines way to much. Keri walked with me down the street and we parted ways as I went off in the direction of work and she headed to her editors office, Oggi? He had seemed like a fatherly kind of guy no maybe an older brother he had nudged her my way that first day we met.

Omo what is happening! way to much just happened and omo no no Keri shower alone! alone! Don't tempt poor Yoongi! lol okay I done P.S I don't know about you all but up til now I was still thinking black hair yoongi but eee I wanted to have him have a different color hair to match random girl idk why I don't know what I thought today. sigh *

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