The Deal Chapter 2 (19+)


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Part 1: Put Some Respect on my Name

Jay asked you to bring some food to the AOMG studio. He has been busy working hard and him and his boys were hungry. You did not mind since now it was official that you all were the new power couple and his crew was like your second family. You buy some basic American food (pizza, wings, breadsticks, and drinks). You take your time setting up the food in an extra room. You were super tired lugging all that food in the office with heels on. You called Jay to tell him the food was ready. Jay and his boys quickly ran down to the food. Loco and Simon said hello and then began smashing. Jay smiled and just walked passed you. He quickly joined his boys. He did not even say hello. You stood by the table with your hand on your hip. It took about 2 minutes for everyone to notice you were pissed. “Baby girl what’s the problem.” Jay said with a full mouth of food. “The problem is I spent time getting you all some food. I carried all that shit up here in these fucking heels that are killing me and you can’t even greet me?” You say while trying not to cuss him out. “Baby…ugh..” Jay said in a confused tone. “You know what I am done with this bullshit.” You said while grabbing your purse and heading out the door. Jay walked after you and pushed you into the recording room. You yanked your hand away from him and attempted to leave, but he blocked you. “What the fuck is your problem Jay?” You say in an annoyed tone. “Look I am sorry baby. I was just super hungry. You know I have been up here grinding and shit.” Jay said while looking you in the eyes. “That’s no excuse Jay. I am out here doing shit too. When you do stuff for me I always say thank you and greet you. I am not a slave.” You say then you turn your back towards him while crossing your arms across your chest. He wrapped his arms around you. He smelled so good and the warmth of his body was making you forget that you were pissed at him. He softly rocked you as he held you. “You look good baby. You always looking good and you do work hard. That’s why I love you so much.” He says before kissing on your neck. He lifted up your short dress from behind and slipped his finger inside you. You were shocked with his swiftness. You moaned as you felt his finger stretch you. He reached with his other hand to rub your nub at the same time as he sucked on your neck. You began moaning to the intrusion. It felt so good and you could feel yourself instantly getting wet. “Jay…what are you doing baby?” You moan. “Showing you some respect baby.” Jay said in a low sexy tone. He then pushed you against the wall a spread your legs. He sat under you and began replacing his index finger that was inside you with his warm tongue. Your moans got louder as you felt him hitting your sweet spots. The fire inside you was building up. You gasped his name and the more you gasped the deeper he went with his oral member. He pinched your clit causing you to gush out more. Then he stood up and unzipped his pants. “You got me like this baby. Your sweet taste got me all crazy. What should I do?” You could see his member standing at attention giving you a sign of respect.You bent over and wiggled your butt at him. “You can place it right here where it belongs.” You say while pulling him closer. He quickly entered you. He began hitting your spots hard and quick. He was groaning out cuss words as he pushed deeper into you. You were screaming his name and asking him to fuck you harder. The room was filled with loud noises of slapping flesh and you two moaning. Before you knew it you both reached yall limits. You felt your orgasm coming on strong and your insides began to contract and squeeze Jay’s member tightly. This caused Jay to explode inside you.

Part 2: Club Banger

Maybe this relationship is good for me.

Part 3: Panic Attack

He is sitting here nervous as hell. This could change both our lives, but mine the most.


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