Guilt part 4

I haven't written in a long time due to homework, family, etc. Sorry about that... T.T But I promise I'll be more active! ^^

It was EunYoung. "Why are you here?" Jimin asked with an attitude. Jimin came closer and held the door. You knew you shouldn't be there. EunYoung stood there dumbfounded. "Oppa.. I should be asking. Why are you here?" Jimin didn't answer. That's when you thought you needed to stand up for Jimin. "Hi. Are you EunYoung?" "Y-Yeah.." "I've heard a lot about you. I'm Jimin's girlfriend." You knew Jimin wanted this relationship to end. "What do you mean? I'm his girlfriend!" She stood there, so innocent and confused. "I know." You talked to her with such bravery. "What is goin-" "Let's break up." Jimin interrupted her. She suddenly broke down and went on with tears. It was harsh, cold, and heart breaking to watch. But.. what were you going to do about it? "Jimin and I are in a relationship now.. actually, it's been a while." You started to stab her pain even more. She was sulking, sobbing, bawling. 'Sorry.. that's how you can forget about him more easily.' You were doing it for her. "I heard.. you didn't really give him enough pleasure." 'I'm sorry. This is the only way.' EunYoung suddenly stood up and slapped Jimin. "You bastard." Jimin stared at her, with a bitter expression. Then he just walked away. EunYoung started to cry again. You shut the door hard. You quickly went to Jimin. "Jimin?! Jimin!" You saw him on the bed, sitting down thinking of what he just did. "Hey Jimin?" You almost whispered, trying not to get on his nerves. He didn't answer. "You okay?" He turned his body and opened his arms. You went over and hugged him. "Y/n-ah.." "Hmm?" He hugged you tighter and kissed your head. "Thank you." "Why?" "..I felt like a coward.." You pulled away looking at him. "I was never able to break up with her because... something in the corner of my heart didn't want to hurt her. But from one point on, I knew I needed to break up with her. Because you were the one for me." Your eyes glistened at the things he said. "It was hard. We still made pretty good memories. You nodded, understanding. "But, today I don't feel guilty. I mean.. It was all because you helped me to get over her." You smiled and kissed his soft lips. "Jimin.." He blinked a few times, flustered. "Hmm?" You kissed him even deeper. And you mumbled between a kiss. "I love you." He kissed you sweetly, "I love you too." The next day, you went out with Jimin to get some groceries. "What should we get?" As he pushed the cart, he looked down at the food. "Why don't we-" That's when SeokJin appeared infront of you two, holding some groceries. You stared into him blankly. That's when he saw you. 'SHIT' You acted like you were listening to Jimin, hoping for him to pass you without saying anything. "Y/n." You let out a deep breath. "Y/n!" Jimin turned his head sharply looking straight at SeokJin. "Do you know him?" "" "Then, how does he know your name?" "I'll explain." And you walked over to SeokJin. His eyes were sad and hurt. You couldn't look into them any longer. "Please.. get out of my life." "No." "What's wrong with you! I told you to act like you don't know me." "I don't want to." Jimin walked closer to you, confused. "Who is this y/n?" You told him about SeokJin before.. When you were crying yesterday, you didn't tell him it was about SeokJin. Something stopped you. "Jimin.. this is.. SeokJin." Jimin's eyes changed from curiosity to pure disgust. "Get out." Jimin's fiery eyes burned through SeokJin. "No." Something was wrong with him. "Y/n.. I need to talk to you about something. About 3 years ago." He grabbed your wrist and stormed off You tried to let go. "I don't want to know!!" Jimin hurried and oulled you back to him. "If you're going to say something, say it infront of both of us." SeokJin let go of you and went closer to Jimin. "You don't know anything. It's about us two. Back off." Jimin smirked. "Actually.. I do know something. That you're a mannerless piece of shit. Leaving a girl waiting alone in the streets and then throwing her away like she's trash. At least I'm not that kind of fucktard." You didn't say anything. What Jimin said wasn't wrong. But it hurt. It hurt when Jimin called SeokJin a piece of shit and a fucktard. You were guilty.

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