Coffee Break part 23

Hi hi! ah my hyper is starting to run out, thankfully, lol after finishing my paper for school I really settled down after that lol. so this part were speeding up a little bit, hope you all don't mind, gotta move time along a bit.

Keri view*** Time went by fast over the next couple weeks. There was no communication with Mel after seeing her mother that day and she stopped messing with Yoongi. I hadn't even gotten to have drinks over the course of the month of no contact and this was strange behavior. So when she called me out of the blue as I was leaving Oggi's office going on a coffee break it suprised me when I got her call. "Mel mel. I haven't heard from you! How are you doing?" Keri smiled as she spoke. "I'm wonderful, just freaking wonderful" she sounded like she was cursing instead of saying wonderful. "Um, is that good or bad?" I asked confused. "Just" mel sighed on the phone. "I quit my job, I'm moving out of my parents house soon and " she trailed off. Where was all this coming from? None of it sounded like Mel. "Mel mel what has been going on with you? This seems like the extreme"  I said. "And moving in with Eric" she sighed finishing her sentence. "Really? Uhm, Mel whose Eric?" I couldn't remember if she ever told me about a new guy. "My fiance! You know the one my mother arranged" Mel huffed. Oh yes that guy. I'm an idiot for forgetting that. Granted I had other things on my mind. "Anyway. That's not why I'm calling. Mother wants to have a family dinner.  Which means you and your boyfriend are coming over tonight for another big announcement" Mel said taking me by shock. "Isn't this a little short notice?" I asked trying to think of how I could get out. I entered the coffee shop and to my surprise . . . Mel was there, sitting at a table with a coffee cup in front of her. "Yes but I haven't been- there you are!" Mel's eyes locked on me and I couldn't escape. She waved to me even as she hung up the phone.  She looked different, like really different. Instead of wearing those short skirts and tight tops she had on a pin skirt to her knees and a white long sleeve blouse buttons up to the top. Her hair was black and came down in loose waves.  "I wasn't expecting to see you here" I said smiling and giving her a friendly hug. "Yes well I figured you were probably stopping by soon for coffee break.  How's your book coming along?" She asked. "Its good, almost done, the last big stretch this month." I told her. "Good good" she nodded the sighed. "Keri I miss you! I haven't seen you in weeks. He won't let me leave the house. This is the first by myself in so long" she said dramatically dropping her arm on the table and laying her head down. This surprised me. "That Eric guy? Why?" I was confused. "He is such a strict guy. I hate him  but I can't get away from him" she went on. "Oh you'll get to meet him tonight. If you bring -" " I will not bringing Yoongi to mami's house" I said looking at her in horror. "And what's this about I'm invited to your house for a dinner party?" I asked confused. "Oh yes, mother has a big surprise in store" she sighed "I know what its going to be about now. Oh Keri please I need you there for support" she begged me. Sighing I thought about all the years we've been friends. "Fine. I'll come" I finally gave in. "Thank you! Oh Keri. When you meet Eric, ugh he is like the total opposite of me." Mel went down a string of bad things. It mainly consisted of how he had taken away her credit cards, stopped her from going out to drink every night, when she did work he would constantly come to pick her up at work. In my opinion, if it wasn't for the credit cards, I kind of thought he was pretty decent for her. Excusing the fact that I knew when she went out at night it was to drink and pick up guys, so yes go him for stopping that. "And these clothes, keri he's dressing me now." She whined. "Okay so if you don't like being with him why not just say no and make you dad pick someone else?" I asked. She stared blankly at me, as if this hadn't crosse her mind. "Well he'd probably put me with some other stuffy guy" she shrugged. "At least Eric is good in bed" she added. My eyes widened. My mouth dropped open. "Mel! Oh my! " keri exclaimed. "What? He is very attractive, and a bit forceful, sexually He's what I like" she told me. "I can't believe you just said that" I shook my head back and forth. My phone started to ring and I pulled it out to see Yoongi calling. "If that's yoongi answer it" Mel encouraged. "No its fine I'll call him back later" I said putting it away. "No you should ask him to come, its going to be at 6 so be dressed and ready. Gosh your boyfriend calls and now my fiance." She answered her phone. Several minutes later she looked pleased about something. "Gotta head out before you" she winked, got up and left. "Oh yes, keri is nothing next to a guy. I can't believe she just left like that" I said mostly cause I knew what that was probably about. Only reason she would willingly go to a guy she didn't like. I got my coffee and as I headed put Oggi called me. He told me Yoongi was there waiting for me. When I arrived 10 minutes later Yoongi was at a desk writing but looked up and smiled at me. "So you answer his call but not mine?" He pouted. "I was with Mel" I told him, which startled him. "Hmm why don't you tell me about that over lunch. I figured we could grab some food" he said. "That sounds good" she nodded. They went to a little shop and Keri filled him in on what Mel had told her and when she told him about being invited to dinner at her parents, he actually agreed to come. Something about actually wanting to see Mel with someone else and show her we were still going strong. So I guess the two of us were going tonight!

Mel appears once again?! lol next chapter will be the dinner party. oh how will that turn out. can't believe yoongi actually agreed to go! (that last picture, lol I imagine that as his face of reaction to the invite! lol.) oh so much Drama is about to take place! and oh the things that are on Keri's mind lol she's still got a couple things keeping her up at night lol.

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