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Elo my wonderful Bunnies

The girls and I agreed to announce the winner Today since we actually picked a winner yesterday First up let me show you all the prizes.

10 Poster size photos

$10 Amazon Gift Card

Yeah that right.. marry christmas you got Amazon money lol and before I say the winners... I would like to give a shout out to the authors... They were so amazing... each judge actually had their own personal top 3 favorites too haha. I'll put the links of the stories so you don't have to search for them to read them.


TongueMy FantasyMONSTERS: THE TRUTH IS IN THE LIELove Is Not OverThe Deal

Now for the winners!

winnerPG-13 category

@RedChord 's

'Stay With Me'

winnerSmut category

@babydollbre 's

'One Dance'

It was a close call to be honest, but this one won by 1 vote. You had all three of us hooked by your story and I must say bravo. Way better then we expected... and we had some high expectations for you honey. They were all good and I thank the authors again for showing such amazing work. ... I actually didn't think we would get anyone to enter to... it warms my heart to see more than one. Should I do another one next quarter? hahaha

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