Oops Sehun (19+)


You had half an hour before the other members got home, but that changes nothing. You wanted him, and it was obvious he wanted you.

Sehun pushed you against the wall, kissing you; he begging for dominance as his hands slipped under your coat and pushed it off, leaving his hands on your shoulders, letting him pull you closer into the kiss as he turned his head for a new angle. You reached for his head and tugged his hair; he pulled away from your lips and greeted your neck.

Kissing soft circles around your soft spot, his hand found its way under your shirt as the other kept him steady against the wall. A soft moan pressed against your lips as his long thumb did laps around you belly button and his lips graced your neck.

“You’re so soft.” Sehun said at your earlobe before taking it between his teeth. He sucked so softly, so sweetly, you felt your eyebrows push together as the moan you had been holding escaped from your lips. He let you ear free and moved down your neck past your collar bone, his hand pushed your shirt up and he grabbed it, pulling it over your head before you could say anything. He tossed it behind him and carried on. Sehun turned diagonal at your collarbone so that he was in the middle of your chest. Kissing his way down the center of your bra, his teased you with his warm lips.

“Black looks so good on you.” He said between kisses, he always liked when you wore black underwear. You held his head as he kisses his way over to the underside of your breast.

“Help me out with this, will you.” He said, his voice full of his young arrogance as he tugged at the base of your bra while he knelt down to be face with your torso. Sehuns lips rested on your left side, just shy of your belly button when he started pulling at the skin with his lips. You reached behind your back and unclasped your bra, sliding down your arms, you tossed it to the other side of the room.

“Perfect,” Sehun said, moving from your stomach up to your breasts. He greeted your nipple with his tongue, tasting you before bringing his lips around the bud. He moaned as he bobbed his head, taking his mouth from side to side mumbling something to send vibrations through you and wetting your breasts with his lips. Sehuns hands massaged your sides and you moaned as his hand came up and twisted your nipple between his fingers.

Your hands found his light hair, pushing him into your chest; you never wanted this to end. As if he heard your thoughts he broke away from your breasts, suddenly cold from his absents. Sehun met your eyes with a sly smile riding on his lips and you took it as a personal responsibility to remove it.

Keeling down in front of him you crashed your lips on his, kissing him as passionate as possible. Sehun returned your kiss with rough hands against your thighs; pulling you closer to him as your hands tangled themselves in his soft hair. You moaned into Sehuns mouth and he pushed deeper, his tongue dominating you. He slid his hand up to your waist and laid you down on the floor with a soft grunt, before undoing the button on his pants.

He removed himself from the clothes he had on and his hands came down on either side of your waist, grabbing the cloth of your skirt he – ever so slowly- slid it down your thighs leaving you in nothing but your lace black panties.

His mouth returned to yours, his wet muscle pushing against yours as his hand slid down your belly and over your sex. You moaned as Sehun started rubbing you through your panties.

“You like that?” He said still rubbing you in all the right ways. You nodded up at him as he made his way back to your lips. Sehun pushed your panties to the side and slipped two fingers inside you, immediately you moaned his name, arcing your back pushing him inside you more and more. A chuckle came from his throat and you knew he was enjoying the effect he had on you, but you suddenly remember how much you enjoyed having an effect on him.

Sehun pulled out of you, about to go back in but before he could you pushed his chest away. The look of surprise on his face was enough evidence that you won, but you wanted to make him scream. His red hot member stared up at you; you looked at it before taking it into your hand. Stroking it slowly, Sehun moaned under his breath as you did.

You licked your lips, readying yourself for him as you stroked his heat. Slowly sliding all the way to his base and riding all the way up, pushing your thumb against his tip; spreading his pre come. You repeated yourself looking up at him, his lip between his teeth, his eyes testing you. Bending down you softly kissed his tip before speeding up the pace.

The moan that came from his mouth was one of the most sexually frustrating sounds, and it took all you had not to give in right there. He threw his head back and you pushed harder, faster. Your name came from his lips and you rewarded him with a kiss. Sehun moaned into your mouth and you kissed him harder; muffling it.

“You like that, baby?” You said against his lips in the most seductive voice you had.

“Hmm,” He said through his throat. “Please, baby.” He said, admitting defeat.

“Already?” You said, supersized with the effect you had on him, but not wanting this to end.

You stopped stroking him, re positioning yourself between him to take him into your mouth inch by inch. You felt as Sehun threw back his head and moaned through his own frustration. Your hand wrapped around his base as your tongue worked its wonders on him.

“Baby,” He moaned, his hand twisting in your hair.

You didn’t stop, bobbing your head; you took more of him into your mouth, swirling your tongue around his throbbing veins. You felt him harden and slowly pulled up to the tip to deny him his orgasm, before going back down and taking him to the back of your throat.

“Please. Y/N.” He begged, his voice wetting you. You sucked on him, taking him on a trip of ecstasy. Slowly, sucking your way up to his tip where you stayed to nibble on him, before slamming down onto him and letting him reach the back your throat.

“AUGHH!” He yelled out of frustration before sucking a breath through his teeth. Sehuns hands came down to your waist, you could feel them shaking as his tightened his grip and lifted you from between him. Your mouth was forced to leave his cock as he pulled you off.

Standing he carried you into his room he shares with Junmyun, walking you to his bed without even closing the door. Sehun tossed you on the bed, his chest rising and falling fast.

“Oh, baby.” He sighed looking down at you, and you knew you were going to get it.

Sehun ripped off your underwear and threw them over his shoulder where they landed on Junmyun's bed, but you had not the time to care.

He climbed on top of you, fixing himself at your entrance. He licked his lips before slamming into you without warning. You screamed at the sudden assault, throwing back your head and arching your back. He gave you no time to get used to him. Slamming back into you again and again, you moaned his name every time. Your breathing became fragmented as you felt yourself on the edge of release. Your hands griped the covers he had forgot to put you under.

“Sehun.” You moaned, letting him know you were close.

“Oh, no baby.” He said, suddenly slowing down. “Not yet.” He said bringing himself down to your lips. Slowly pushing himself inside you, while he kissed you, trying to take your bottom lip with him as he left. He picked up his pace, pounding you like he meant it, grunting as he filled you.

“Sehun.” You moaned as his breathing changed.

“Tell me baby.” He said. “Tell how much you want me.” He grunted, hitting you in all the right places.

“I want you!” You screamed as he strikes your g spot. “I need you! Fuck, Sehun NOW! Please!” You begged, your legs shaking as you started arching your back.

Sehun dug his nails into your thighs pulling you to meet his thrusts, as he grunted into the shared room. Your walls enclosed him and he threw back his head finding his release. You pulsed around him, moaning with every strike his hips made against yours as he reached his orgasm screaming your name.

He slid beside you, panting.

“Daebak.” Sehun whispered up at the ceiling, you chucked at his childishness. A door closed and footsteps made their way to the living room.

“Oh no.” A voice that could only belong to Junmyun said. Sehuns head shot up as he quickly worked to remove the covers from underneath you.

“Someone better come clean this mess up!” Minseok declared. Sehuns breath was frantic as he pulled the covers from under you.

A figure appeared in the doorway just as Sehun was covering you.

“Really?” Junmyun asked. “We share this room.”

To that Sehun shrugged and looked down at you, his chest moving quick as you watched him pant.

“Get used to it Hyung.” He said, and bent down to kiss your forehead.

“And what is that?!” He yelled pointing to his bed where pair of lace black panties were thrown.

“Oops” Sehun said with a question to his tone.


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