iKon being jealous


*intense stare, trying to kill the guy with his gaze* *not amused hanbin*

Hanbin wouldn’t be pleased at all, he is a little possessive when it comes to his girlfriend but it’s just his protective instinct. If it isn’t something big as in hugging a close guy friend, he’d just give you his typical stare when he is annoyed. If it’s something more though or it happens too often, Hanbin would confront you, maybe a little angry at the beginning and talk it out with you.


thinks: “i don’t like this, but i am not saying anything”

Even if Jinhwan is jealous, he wouldn’t show it and control his emotions. It depends on the situation, if you’re going out at night with a guy friend then he’d try to stop you but simply because he is worried and not only jealous. If you’re hugging a close guy friend, he would feel a little weird seeing another guy being this close to you but not say anything about it. So Jinhwan isn’t a very jealous person and even if he gets jealous there would be rather sad emotions than anger towards you.


“don’t mess with my girl or you’re dead” *sweet smile*

Bobby knows you’re his girl and that no one else can take you from him so he isn’t really jealous about you hugging a close guy friend or so. But he is pretty protective which means he’ll beat up any guy if he has any other intentions or hurts you. If he gets a little jealous though because you were spending too much time with other people, Bobby would jokingly pout and be super cuddly, being whiny asf just so he can annoy you in a cute way.


*junhoe does not approve* *sass-level high asf*

Junhoe wouldn’t exactly tell you that he is jealous and try to be cool about. Though you can totally see and feel his jealousy because he gets extremely annoyed and just ignores you, pretending to not care about anything when in reality he does a lot. At times he’d ask you why you are doing this and that with other guys, when you’re kind of distracted and it doesn’t seem like you’d notice that he is just super jealous and therefore wants to know every detail about what you were doing with them.


*not affected chill yunhyeong*

Yunhyeong isn’t the jealous type of person AT ALL. he trusts you and he is happy for you if you have some close friends, even if they’re guys. He rather gets friends with them and wants to join you when you want to hang out with them so you don’t have to go alone. It’s also a rather protective instinct for Yunhyeong, if he has a feeling they want more or are pressuring you, he’d get you away from them and tell you to stop meeting people like them.


“please give me more attention” *pouts*

Donghyuk can be pretty jealous, he just doesn’t like seeing you being too close to other guys because he wants you for himself. He wouldn’t get angry though, instead he’d sweetly tell you how left out he feels and that he wants you to spend more time with him/give him more attention. He would be pretty honest about it and try to get what he wants with some aegyo.


“i’m feel a little jealous seeing you with other guys”

Chanwoo would also be more of the jealous type of person. He wouldn’t say anything though and instead sulk alone in his room because he feels stupid being jealous over little things. He’d have a hard time dealing with his emotions so you’d have to approach him. Chanwoo would calmly tell you how he feels and be very honest but not pressure you in any way.

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