Sanh-urday! :D

Hello everyone, Daly here! =^-^=

I want to start off by apologizing ... I had a card scheduled but apparently it deleted instead of saving and being scheduled. So sorry ㅠ.ㅠ

I will be combining my two cards this week!

Last Weeks card was going to be ALL ABOUT EUNWOO AND SAN HA interactions!

They are ridiculously adorable together and I love it ^-^ <333

One day I wish to have a friend or significant other that will make me feel as shy as SanHa was in the first video!

This week's card was going to be all about ....

MAMAs 2016

Now I realize that they did not win but .. It's amazing enough that they were getting cheers from the crowd when their name was said on the speakers. I watched it live with one of my housemates and we were both sad to see that they did not win but we know they work hard for everything they achieve!

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