Confession to Mark Tuan {GOT7}

WARNING: This has a mention of death and suicide. Read at your own consent. This is my first submission for the contest!

Dear Mark, (March 1, 2020) How have you been? I've tried calling you, but then I remembered your phone is disconnected. Silly me, right? Hahah. I kinda just really really want to see you again, at least one more time... Remember those past times where all we would do is eat ice cream while yelling insults at the people from scary movies? Or those times when we would have kiss and it would always escalate into something more? We have a lot of memories, but I will never forget the one where you went down on one knee. You asked me to marry you, and I said yes. I know you're going to come back though, I mean you can't just keep your body in that place, right? You told me that you were going to show me what the world really is. Remember? Remember those words escaping your lips? Sigh. (March 5, 2020) Mark... I tried being modest in this letter... but it's another day and I can't seem to find it in me to be alright. I can't seem to think clearly. Those scary people from before... they might be coming back. Those scary people from the movies we saw... They're out to get Annie and I. I really need you. Where the hell are you? Annie... she asks for you more than ever... How could you leave your child like that? You said you were going to come back. You promised me! Now, where the heck are you? Mark. i'm going crazy without you. I really am. I need you here. (March 23, 2020) Annie walked over to the mailbox today, and she came back with a letter. The letter told us that they found you. They finally found you! We immediately drove over to the morgue and your body was in front of us. I broke down. We both broke down. They have cleaned you up, so we couldn't see how bad your body really was. All we could see what the purpling skin and dry blood everywhere on your body, including the two little apparent holes near your heart. I held onto Annie, and she held onto me. You told me you would come back alive when you came back from the war. You told me that you would protect me from the people that were out to get me. And I fell for it! ...I fell for it... (June 25, 2020) Annie accused me of killing you. She accused me because I didn't beg enough for you to stay. I told her it wasn't my fault. I walked towards her and her face showed fear. So she ran out of the house. Her long brown hair was the last thing I saw before I ran outside. A shriek and a scream was all I heard before I ran towards my daughter's limp body laying down in front of a car and the driver asking for forgiveness. I held her small body in my arms, and I cried out. I felt like the life being sucked out of me, as I begged for Annie to open her arms. But she no longer had a pulse; she no longer breathed. I held her tightly, her blood staining my clothes, but I wanted to hold her before the bad people took her away from me. Just like they took you away. They came, and that's when they recognized me. They pried her away from me as they restraint me. They took me to the place where you said they take bad people... (July 30, 2020) They told me that I deserve help. That I need it before i lose my mind more than I already have. I can't help it if they chased me throughout the damn building trying to get me into a room with white walls where I constantly pound onto. They did this to me. They fucking did this to me. But it's okay, it's all going to be okay. Why? You may ask, well. they're currently looking for me again, but I'm at the highest point of the building. I could fly if I want to, even you told me that. But since you lied to me about coming back, would you lie to me about this as well? Either way, i'm standing on the edge... Ready for take off, as you would say. I look up to the heavens, and I could feel you almost smiling at me. "I'll be with you in a moment," I say as I stand up onto the edge. The door flings open, and the bad people are coming again. i turn around and I jump.

She jumped off with a single thought, "You lied to me." A tear escapes her eyes as she closes them, smiling a little before she feels nothing then.

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