Hello all!

The holidays are here and the moderator squad here in the G-Dragon community wanted to do something special for all of you and bring a little fun to the community so...

We are holding a scavenger hunt!


The event will run from December 7th to December 14th and we will have 3 winners, picked at random, from the qualified entries.

The rules are very simple to qualify:

- Make sure you include the name of the challenge in the title of your card.- Answer the questions correctly- You MUST tag The Dragons:@BBxGD@KwonOfAKind@lovetop@SatinSkies in your card.- Tag at least two other people you believe would like to participate



It's the season of giving and we are giving away prizes with this challenge!! As stated above, if you complete the challenge and meet the requirements in the rules, you are automatically entered in the random drawing at the end of the challenge period. We will have 3 winners, drawn at random. Each winner will have 24 hours from the time of the announcement to claim their prize. If I don't hear from you in that time, then a new winner will be chosen at random, once more until all prizes have been claimed. 3rd place will receive a small G-Dragon prize pack valued at $242nd place will receive a medium G-Dragon prize pack valued at $411st place will receive a large G-Dragon prize pack valued at $53 Trust me! You do not want to miss out on this!


IF YOU WANT TO BE TAGGED IN THE EVENT ONCE IT IS POSTED, LET ME KNOW IN THE COMMENTS BELOW SO I CAN ADD YOU TO THE LIST! The Dragons:@BBxGD@SatinSkies@KwonOfAKind@lovetop ToToTop Squad:@lovetop@KwonOfAKind@BBxGD@TwistedPuppy@Starbell808@SatinSkies@VeronicaArtino Tough Cookies:@defy24601@rebeccalondon@eliseb@johnevans@ercurrent@stefanitre@lovelikematoi@resavalencia@camryncherry@satinskies@veronicaartino@Crystinreynolds@khrystinalee@VIPFreak2ne1@BBxGD@JaiiPanda Super Heros:@resavalencia@isolate@AngelaDarkness@alltimerejectx@szewwy@twistedpuppy@SassyMaknae@thatphamily@jojojordy2324@khrystinalee@jaiipanda@SatinSkies My list:@KwonOfAKind@Helixx@lovetop@catchyacrayon@BBxGD@JiyongLeo@JinsPrincess86@veeyang5@KaylaStokes@VeronicaOrtiz@KhrystinaLee@JamiMilsap@kpopandkimchi@Sailynn@LateashaChantae@KDSnKJH@amandamuska@ESwee@resavalencia@TaehyungV G-Dragon Community Master Tag List:@amobigbang@AraceliJimenez@AneebaNasir@CheyanneLindsey@CynthiaForeman@CallMeMsDragon@camwheel@DarciAragon@desesoray@DenieceSuit@EliseB@ErinMccarey@giselacampos14@Izzy987@JamiMilsap@jemitza@JackieG1617@Jessicalista@JewelsLouise1@Kpossible4250@KpopQueenaBee@krin@lilbr0wneyes@MarrickeJ33@MelissaGarza@ManduBum@megancurrent9@nmeza29@pandaqueenbee@petname83@punkpandabear@QueenLele@resavalencia@raenel@sukkyongwanser@sherrysahar@sweetnothing34@StefaniTre@Starbell808@Swhitta@SusiBosshammer@shellyfuentes70@TerraToyaSi@TaliaMay14@YviLole15 T.O.P Community Master Tag List:@bettytolliver@CheyanneLindsey@ChristineO84@cardboardart @ChandraTorres@cheersmacky@DalyRomero@desesoray@DenieceSuit@dreemer13@DinaEXO@EvilGenius@GamerKyumin@IsoldaPazo@JamiMilsap@jjrockstar@jemitza@JewelsLouise1@Justis@KristinaCaron@KpopQueenaBee@krin@kekers96@lovelikematoi@lilbr0wneyes@lovelyashley91@LateashaChantae@MichelleIbarra@matty0203@MeghanJorgina@nmeza29@NadiaDarlington@petname83@punkpandabear@pharmgirlerin@resavalencia@raenel@royalpandajedi@Sailynn@sukkyongwanser@StefaniTre@SatinSkies@SandraaGrimaldo@Swhitta@SimplyAwkward@toitlepark@TerraToyaSi@TaliaMay14@VeronicaArtino@YumiMiranda@YviLole15@YunBao

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