SBS Releases Character Stills for the Entire Main Cast of Heirs I worry that covering the high profile Heirs or The Inheritors is going to be cause for my blood pressure going up, what with everyone having an opinion about the leads, the chemistry (or lack thereof), the concept, you name it, someone has strong feelings about it. Unless you are living under a nice cozy rock for the last 6 months, it’s not a shock to see Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye starring in a drama together. They are two of only a handful of young Korean actors that stand out in their generation and carry quite a lot of anticipation to be the next big heavyweight in their industry. In addition to dramas, if each toggles making more movies with big box office (like Kim Soo Hyun) or critical acclaim (like Yoo Ah In) then I predict both of them will have a nice long career ahead of them. It’s nice they are working together now and their presence both underscores and adds to the general audience interest in a Kim Eun Sook penned drama. I actually think the Heirs hype would be even bigger had this drama been Kim Eun Sook’s follow up after the phenom Secret Garden. SBS has released official drama stills of half the main cast, including the first stills of the OTP meeting for the first time. The network is taking a breather from the drama still dump to release the character stills for the entire main cast. It’s nothing to write home about – SBS pretty much put each actor or actress in front of a white screen and told them to emote like their character would. That’s it. What’s neat is seeing how certain stills pop more because the actor or actress is working it with nothing more than their screen presence, whereas others are as bland and dull as the white background. I won’t name names but you can judge for yourselves. I’ve decided to arrange the stills in order reverse order of which leads have been shown thus far in drama stills, which means Choi Jin Hyuk as Lee Min Ho’s older half-brother gets to top the post with his delicious smile and natty three-piece suit. Love his hairstyle and his sartorial style, he has the physique to show off a suit to its best advantage. Him and Im Joo Eun’s teacher character and their more adult love line might be the more deliciously compelling romance in this teenage story. © 2013, ockoala. All rights reserved.

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