Monsters are Real (A Namjoon Novel)

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Chapter 1 - It's Worth the Distance

Chapter 2 - Between You and I

Chapter 3 - My Feelings for You

Chapter 4 - It Will Never Change

Chapter 5 - Never Falter

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Chapter 6 ~ Against the Odds

Awkwardness flowed through the room as if it were breathable. Awkwardness and tension. Did those two replace oxygen and nitrogen? Have they been added to the periodic table? They might as well should be, especially with how the situation in the room was.

Nobody dared to move out of their sitting positions, nobody to speak, but even that wasn't the worst part. The worst part was the cold death glares that Namjoon was receiving from multiple members. And you? Your head and eyes were lowered to the table in front of you, your hands intertwined neatly on your lap. It was only out of the corners of your eyes that you could see how a few of the older members stared at him.

The feeling was terrifying. The simple idea that one secret could make all seven members turn on one. But it was understandable from their perspective. A brother they had lived with, laughed with, and even cried with had hid something from all of them. Something as major as a relationship, something that could effect all of their careers and that was what made things difficult.

Your hands stiffened when Namjoon cleared his voice. 'Oh crap. Here it goes.'

“Please let me explain,” Namjoon began.

You bite your bottom lip in order to keep you from saying anything that would give the other members a wrong impression.

“I've been in a relationship with her for few months now an-”

“A few months?” Hoseok scuffed. “Shouldn't you have told us sooner?”

“I was going to tell you hyung, but-”

“But what? We were too busy? You had too much going on? Because hyung, I'm pretty sure we've had the same schedule for the past six months.” Jimin comments next.

“Yes but-”

“Did you keep it from anyone else?” Jin asked quietly.

“No. Bang PD knew, but it was just him.” Namjoon managed to say quickly before anyone else could interrupt him.

A long yawn escaped from the mouth closest to you. You peek over and manage to catch a glimpse of Jungkook immediately cover his mouth with his hands.

“Sorry, I'm about to pass out at any moment.” He replies with a small bow.

Jin sighed. “Kookie is right. Let's continue this conversation tomorrow when we're back from our schedules. It's too much to take in tonight.”

He rose up, making the others rise to their feet as well and divide into smaller groups as they prepared for bed.

“Come on, you must be tired too.” Namjoon offered his hand to you and pulled you up on your feet, his grip warm and firm on around your fingers as he maneuvered through the piles of clothing and down a small hallway.

“Namjoon.” You both stop and turn around to look at Jin with something bundled in his arms. “Where are you going?”

“My room?”

“No. She's a girl. Show some respect for her at least. Either give up your bed and crash on the spare bedding or have her sleep on bedding. You are not sharing a bed with her.”

You watch Namjoon stare at Jin with a blank look. “but we share a room-”

“It's okay! I'll sleep on the bedding, don't worry about it. You two need to rest properly.” You take a turn to interrupt Namjoon when the hint finally clicked. Namjoon and Jin shared a room, it would be awkward for Jin if you'd be in there.

You bow deeply to Jin then take the bedding from his arms and retrace your steps back to the living room that was now less tense with no one there.

'Seriously though. Joonie, you can be an airhead sometimes. How do you get through living a regular life?''Oh that's right. You don't have a regular life..... you have a Kpop life.'

'But seriously. The topic may have been avoided today, but that's just it. Only today. I have to confront them all tomorrow. Joonie has to confront them all tomorrow on another degree. Damnit Namjoon, why did you bring me all the way out here! It was only going to cause trouble, didn't you think this through? Aishh!'

'I can't get mad at him, he needs support right now but damnit, he doesn't make it any easier either! Come on Namjoon, I don't want to ruin your relationship with your brothers, please tell me it'll get better.'

Your hand pulls down the blanket from your head, making you stare up at the pitch black ceiling. Muted voices traveled down the halls, but it was hard to tell from which hallway or who the owner of the voices were. They sounded angry, that was an obvious given.

An arm draped across your face as you try to exhale any excess thoughts that hindered your capacity to fall asleep until finally, you pull the blanket back up over your head and find a way to count sleep, regardless of the cold bedding barely warming up.

Soft voices entered your head but all you saw was a busy day on campus. You carried on, weaving through the crowd, avoiding skateboarders, bicyclists, and distracted walkers with your headphones on; questioning where the soft voices was coming from.

“Hyung? Hyung! Aishh....”

The voices quickly disappeared, leaving a sense of warmness all over your body. Too warm- to the point that you turned around and began opening your eyes, allowing them to adjust accordingly to the light in the room.

“Where am I?” You sit up, noticing a large jacket fall from the upper half of your blanket. “Who's jacket is that?”

You turn your head around, instantly remembering that you were miles and miles away from your beloved college campus.

“Aishh,” you sigh, falling back on the pillow, only to swear when the bedding provided very little cushion to break your fall. “Damnit.”

Wide awake, you stare up at the ceiling until you reach for your phone to check the time. It was late morning and there was no one home. “Now what do I do?” The thoughts linger after you read a message from Namjoon stating to make yourself comfortable.

You get up and clean up the bedding, folding it towards the wall to clear up the space and head to hunt for the bathroom, only to catch yourself from tripping over clothing left and right.

“Seriously?” You growl once you make it into the bathroom, finding a bigger disaster of unorganized skin care and bathing products. “Geez, my roommates and I aren't this bad. And we're girls!”

Leaving the bathroom, you trip over a foreign object laying on the ground but end up catching yourself by supporting your weight on the bathroom door frame. “Okay, that's it. Who can live like this? Isn't Hobi suppose to be the clean freak around here!?”

Immediately, you start scooping up clothes and bringing them to the living room, creating stock piles according to color and texture. As you wonder through the dorm, you manage to spot an iron board and the iron itself, instantly grabbing it and bringing it to the living room then returning to grab the mop that you spotted in the laundry room.

“I don't know what's clean or what's dirty so it's going to have to be old-fashioned.” You grumble and scan the first t-shirt in your hands for any signs of stains then bring it to your nose, sniffing it for a second to determined cleanliness. 'Note to self, never tell anyone that I smelled BTS clothes like a crazed sansaeng fan. It'll ruin my image.' You smirk and continue.

A few hours later, you finally store all the clothes away, either hanged in the racks in the middle of the hallways, or placed on top of the washing machine, neatly folded with the detergent bottle placed beside it in case anyone began to think that they were clean clothes instead of dirty. You hunt for the mop once more and start working on the floors, especially the bathrooms with all the excess organization that needed to be done.

With the floors cleaned and everything actually picked up, you snoop into the kitchen and grab a soda from the refrigerator, only to leave you curious with what you could or could not make with the ingredients provided.

“How often do you guys go grocery shopping?”

Your phone dings with an incoming notification. You answer it after setting a few ingredients on the kitchen counter.

It was Namjoon. “Jagiya, are you alive? :(“

You take a sip of soda to hide your smile, “barely. I almost died tripping and slipping over and on stuff.”

A few minutes later, your phone dings again. “I'm sorry jagiya. We all ran out on our last trip and got back the day before you arrived. Scheduling has been crazy. I'm sorry. :(”

“It's okay, oppa. I understand^^”

“Did you eat something?”

You glance over at the half empty soda can. “Kinda. I stole one of your sodas.”

You manage to chop up the onion and radish, even begin boiling the beef brisket before Namjoon replied.

“Please eat jagiya. Jungkook has pizza pockets in the back of the freezer. He won't notice if one or two go missing.”

You giggle. “One or two? What are you implying?”

“That you may be really hungry?”

“May be. Mmhmm. We'll see Kim Namjoon. :b”

The phone goes off once more as you throw in all the ingredients in the cooking pot to create the classic spicy radish and beef soup. Stirring the pot and adding in the last few spices kept your thoughts occupied until you heard the door open.


You look over at your phone and grab it immediately to read the recent message from Namjoon.”We're heading home.”

“Why does it smell good? Hyung did you leave something in the oven?”

“Did we clean up yesterday?”

“Who put away my basketball?”

'Shit, shit, shit.'


“Hmm?” You respond, automatically turning to your boyfriend without a hesitation, catching the eye of not only your idol boyfriend, but a couple pair of other curious eyes peeking around him.

“Did you do this?” He continued.

You nod slowly.


“Like I said, I almost died.”

“Babe, you didn't have to do all this-”

“It was either step on something valuable or put it away before I do step on it and die.”

One of the pairs of eyes emerges from Namjoon's shadow and shoots you a bright smile. “Thanks noona!” He sang with his rectangular smile.

“Don't mention it Tae,” you smile back before turning back around to turn off the heat and covering the pot to keep the steam inside.

Jin wonders to your side, the curiosity emitting off his skin. “Do you need help?” He asks slowly.

“No, I'm wrapped up the soup, just need to get the side dishes set and we'll be good to go.”

“I'll help.” Namjoon says quickly, opening the refrigerator door to pull out dishes.

“Thank you though, Jin-ssi.”

Jin smiles politely and returns back to stand next to Taehyun and join him in watching you move across the kitchen as if you knew where everything was.

“Jagiya, what do I do?” Namjoon asks, looking at you with a wide smile.

You stare back at him. “You can stand over there and look cute.”

His jaw drops as the other two snicker. “But I want to help you.”

“Joonie, I love you and all,” you say, stepping around him to wash off the cutting board. “But you can't cook.”

Jin snorts, “no he cannot.”

You smile to yourself. “If you wanna be useful, go set up the table-”

“Uh, Yoongi hyung already did it....”

You look up and spot Jungkook creeping silently into the kitchen, avoiding your eyes as if the shyness consumed his entire personality.

'Cute. He really is a bashful one.'

“Then let me carry the pot into the living room,” Namjoon persisted.

“Okay okay, just don't trip.”

Namjoon catches your eye and instantly starts grinning, exposing his two playful dimples. “Are you worried I'll get hurt or something?”

You blink twice, “no. I cleaned the floors, there's no need for you to go spilling something with your klutzy behavior.”

The boys chuckle among themselves, instantly silencing when Namjoon shoots them a glare.

“Yaah. This is the first time you cook for me, why at least let me help somehow.”

You wash your hands and dry them off, then place them on your hips and stare up at Namjoon, eye to eye. “You can wash the dishes afterwards, how about that?”

Namjoon's eyes begin to smile, “deal.”

“All the dishes,” Jin added in.

“No help,” Taehyung laughed.

“Or complaints,” the maknae laughed too.

“Come on, let's put this out on the table.” You hand Namjoon a few side dishes quickly and gently push him towards the living room.

Jin slides besides you and grabs the pot, followed by Taehyun grabbing cups and utensils and Jungkook peeking into the refrigerator to grab an armful of drinks.

“I can call you, noona, right?” Jungkook says, into the refrigerator.

“Well, I don't know if the refrigerator has a gender but it is older than you so I guess so.” You tease, watching the tips of his ears turn bright red. “I'm kidding. Taehyung already called me noona so of course you're welcomed to.”

He stands up straight and bows slightly, “thank you. It felt a little awkward in my head after seeing how close you and hyung really are.”

You follow Jungkook into the living room, taking in all the boys in gathered around the same table from last night, and your awkward bedding in the corner. Well, awkward for you.

Namjoon pats the space next to him, between him and Jin.

'Sitting between eomma and appa....... what am I? Their little girl?'

As you sit down, Jin hands you a bowl and utensils. “This looks delicious,” he says with a smile.

You bow your head softly, “thank you. I got it from YouTube.”

Jin laughed hard, his famous windshield laugh creating a smile on your face. “Really? I need to watch more YouTube to get recipes then, maybe get the others on it so they can learn.”

“You can try hyung, but some of us will never learn,” Yoongi commented, glancing at Namjoon before taking a sip of water.

You giggle.

“Yaah! I can learn!” Namjoon laughed nervously back.

Namjoon continued to playfully bicker with Yoongi as everyone else dug in and glance over at you when the food touched their taste buds.

“Noona! This is delicious!” Taehyung smiled.

“Maybe Namjoon does have a chance if you're able to put up with him.” Yoongi smirked.

You smile, “Thank you.”

“She can put up with me,” Namjoon grumbled. “Mmmm jagiya! Why didn't you tell me you could cook?”

“The topic never came up.”

“Do you talk to hyung about philosophical things?” Jungkook with a curious look.”

You shrug, “sometimes. Other times we just talk about the world in general.”

Your eyes linger over to the quiet Hoseok and Jimin on the far corner of the table.

“What about the world?” Taehyung pressed on.

You look back at Namjoon, “Just things that go on undetected. You know, not so popular media.”

Taehyung stared then stared at Namjoon before smiling from ear to ear.

“So are you two going to tell us how you met or is it a sappy story that you're trying to spare us from?” Jin chuckled.

Namjoon grinned, “it's a funny story actually, right babe?”

You roll your eyes. “Hilarious.”

“Well if not that, then when did you start dating?” Jungkook leaned in as he spoke.

“Curious one?” You tease, making him flush in color. “That one is a boring story.”

“Boring? Says the one who had a heart attack over the phone.”

“Shhhh,” you giggled. “Are you going to let me tell them or do you wanna tell them?”

Namjoon shot you a wink and continued eating.

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