Nalu is like THE most popular ship in all of Fairy Tail, but the question is, should they be, and what is the likelihood they will be a couple? First of all, At the begining of the show, Natsu saves Lucy and brings her to the guild. And afterward form a team together, Natsu, Lucy, and Happy soon have a close bond. Natsu, Lucy, and Happy throughout the whole series have each others back's. Whenever Lucy gets hurt and/or kidnapped, Natsu gets angry and go's all out. During the Phantom Lord Arc, Natsu gets angry when he overhears Gajeel and Aria tht Lucy has been kidnapped. Immediately, without bothering to tell anyone [except Happy] about Lucy's situation, Natsu left to save Lucy. Natsu hates seeing Lucy cry, whenever Lucy is sad, Natsu comforts her. Lately, there have been a lot more nalu moments, but I don't have y he time to type it all down Personally, I think that Nalu might actually happen near the ending of the show, but all of you fans have your own opinions which I respect. Comment what you think!

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