Rude boy's pt2


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Ravi jonghyun and Sehun in one story?? I've been working super hard on this one lol this one will be a story filled with smut btw lol @ElleHolley@Helixx made especially for you two lovely ladies xD

Enter with caution

The bathroom light dim as the scent candles glowed, give off this romantic aura. The white wide hollow bathtub filled with warm water that sent off this refreshing steam all around the room as pink roses petals floated around; dancing amongst the crystal clear water. all of the mirrors and Windows fogged up with the steam and hot breathe that mix in the air. This smooth sailing romantic music that played in the background followed by the sound of pleasuring moans that blended in so perfectly. Skin that glisten with the thin layer of sweat as finger raked through drenched hair. his large hands massaging your breast as you hook your arm around his neck while press your ass against his pelvic. “mmmm” you moan while his hand made their way down, His fingers rubbing at your clit causing you to shake and tremble just a bit. The feeling of his hot breath against your neck sent shiver down your spine as he peck gentle sweet kiss against it. Then he slip in one finger first then two later three fingers going deep inside of you. You toss your head back leaning it against his wide chest. “you like it baby?” he whispered seductively into your redden ears. “mhmm” you groan as you bite down on your bottom lip. Slowly your hand start to grip onto his blonde white hair while your ass continue to rub against his pelvic. “mm uh ah yeah” you hummed. “Sorry I can't hold back any more love,” Sehun growls as he bends you over suddenly. His sudden dominance turns you on even more with the feeling of his hands grabbing a hold of your waistline, while you hold yourself up as on the tub’s edge. Before you could take a deep breath, he had already rammed his member right into you. “Uh-uh God!” you cried out. “Wait… mmm… I-I… fuck... “ You try to plead for mercy but it feels so good. The way he goes deep inside of you. Such a sensation felt throughout your body causing your legs to tremble and your knees buckle. Your arms weaken every time his member went in deeper. The sound of the water splashing and falling out of the tub engulfs the room. The air thickens with the smell of sweat, musk and sex. “Beg me to stop,” Sehun orders as his member got harder. “Please I can't take it... uh” you whine. “Mmmm how your exotic expression looks baby,” Sehun says grabbing a hold of your chin as he forces you to watch your reflection in mirror. “Please S-Sehun S-stop” you beg. “What was that? You want more?” he smirks as he slams right back inside of you causing your back to arch. The sound of wet skin smacking echoes in the bathroom. “Uh shit!” you purr. You could hear the evil chuckle of Sehun as he went harder, faster and deeper. Just as you were about to reach your climax you cried out. “Sehun!” Then suddenly your eyes open and you find yourself laying in your bed. The sun rays peeking through the slightly opened velvet curtain. Was it all just some wet dream? But why did it feel so real? Every single moment of it, from the kissing, the groping, body rubbing, and hip trusting all of it felt extremely realistic. “I hate these type of dreams,” you say sitting up from your bed and ruffling your hair in annoyance. ‘Beg me to stop’. You shiver still hearing his voice as if he was right beside you, whispering in your ear. You swear you could still feel his arm wrap around you and you shut your eyes tightly and reminisce. Your hand slowly making its way down your pants as you laid back down onto your bed. You inhaled sharply as you touch yourself, caressing your hand against your clit while you thought about Sehun and the dream. “mmmh” you hummed. Suddenly a knock is heard and you quickly remove your hand and sit up while you fix your pants. “Excuse me (Y/N)?” A voice was heard from the other side. It was hard to distinguish because of the door being so thick, making the voice sound shallow. The door slowly begins to open as a figure slowly enters, the darkness in the room making it difficult to see him clearly. “Did you sleep peacefully?” his voice was thick and rough. “Um yeah I think…” (Y/N) said very confused.. “I mean by the sound of it, you must have had one hell of a dream,” the figure commented with a cunning tone of voice. “Um… what?” “Oh that’s right, you called out Sehun’s name. Not mine,” he smirks as he sits on the edge of your bed. “I-what?” you felt so lost. “Why not rewrite that dream of yours and put my name in it instead?” the figure’s face became clearer as he moved in closer to you. “R-ravi?” you stuttered. “See doesn't that sound better coming out of those lips of yours?” Ravi asked he gently brushed his fingers across your lips. Taking a deep breath as his fingers sliding down your neck and close to your chest. “It's okay, I'll try to be gentle,” Ravi whispered into your ear. “W-wait!” you uttered as ravi begin to nibble at your neck. “R-Ravi” “Hmmm,” he hummed as his hands slide in between your thighs, slowly moving upwards. “P-please R-ravi…” “You want me to stop?” Ravi stared deeply into your eyes. But the look in those eyes was like a predator whose eyes have been set on its prey. You weren't sure if you afraid of it or yearning for it. Suddenly the feeling of cold hands rubbing onto your panties causes you to inhale sharply and your body trembles slightly as a small grunt escapes unexpectedly. Ravi’s lips began to explore your body as he strips you of your sleeping dress. His lips press against your breast and his tongue teases your body as he traces your curves. His fingers playing at your clit as his other hand rubs your nipples. How did it end up this way? How did he take control? Why don't you stop it? Maybe because it feels too good to stop it. “Spread ‘em,” Ravi ordered as he holds onto your thighs, waiting for you to open wide and welcome him inside. Willingly you do as he said and spread your legs. Ravi removes your panties and he begins to kiss your inner thigh. He slowly kisses his way up closer causing you to bite onto your lip. His tongue flicks your clit and you toss your head back as you grip onto your bed sheets. Suddenly the circling motion of his tongue around your clit causes your body to tremble uncontrollably. “W-wait R-Ravi uh!” you groan, “Mm! FUCK!” you yelp as he plays with you. “Oh what no invite?” another voice was heard from the doorway. “How rude, having all the fun to yourself Ravi,” another one speaks. “Don't you know how to knock Sehun and Jonghyun?” Ravi snickers. “The door was wide open, didn't think knocking was needed,” Jonghyun responds as he walks towards you. You try to sit up and cover yourself but Ravi manages to hold you down. You look over at Sehun who stayed at the entrance and you couldn't help but feel embarrassed. “Mind if I join in your little fun?” Jonghyun asks as he moves in closer to your face. “Um…” you glup. “Hey if Jonghyun is joining, I want to join in too,” said Sehun as he began to remove his t-shirt. “W-wait! I-I,” you start. “Shhh it's okay (Y/N), we'll try to be gentle,” Ravi hushes you. Looking around you see Jonghyun removing his shirt as Sehun undoes his belt, while Ravi unzips his jeans on top of you. Somehow your wet dream has become reality. “Ready?” they asked in unison. TO BE CONTINUED…

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