Addiction Ch.10

Who: Zhang Yixing x reader x Kim Junmyeon What: Angst Betrayal Smut Story: Five years after the worst break up of your life you found love again and married Zhang Yixing. A three year marriage going strong suddenly turns upside down when Your husband's best friend stays at your place for a few weeks.

Y/n's POVMarriedYixing. Yixing. Zhang. Yixing.Yixing.Damn it Y/n open your eyes. Look at him!Three years of marriage already huh?Epilogue

Alright see I'm not that evil you get a happy ending. Lol Addiction was an angst but it was also a bonus story so I'm going back to the original stories I previewed starting with Will you be. I may work on Twins as well but I can't decide on whether or not I want to release that before or after Marked so you know, just keep eyes open and let me know if you wanna be tagged. Thanks for reading hope you enjoyed ~BabydollbreSunshine Squad:Taglist

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