[QUIZ!!!] What BTS Era Are You?!

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Mostly A's - Run!

You're free spirited, passionate, and you're incredibly caring. You're loyal, honest, and value friendship above everything!

Mostly B's - No More Dream

You're determined and ambitious. You'll go to great lengths to achieve your dreams, and no one is going to get in your way.

Mostly C's - I Need U

You are a dreamer who feels things in a deeper and quieter way than most people. You're soft, kind, and loving.

Mostly D's - Danger

You're an incredibly strong individual that can't stand seeing little injustices. You stand up for the little guy, you don't back down, and you're a super loyal friend.

Mostly E's - Boy In Luv

Part of you is innocent and a little naive. You still live in your day dreams. Another part of you is ready to grow up, cause trouble, and be the boss. You're a double threat!

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