Snapchat Spectacles GIVEAWAY

Hello y'all! I am a noob to the KPOP community, but once I saw one video, I instantly knew this was the community for me. I later started following dramas and found websites for my interests such as SnackFever. THEY'RE AWESOME! When they held their #LetsUnbox challenge, I made it my personal goal to win... and here I am, with a plane ticket, and hardly enough money to actually go to Korea. I know times are tough and it's a lot to ask, but I would just like to ask if you'd consider donating from one cent to a dollar to a hundred. Whatever is possible to help make my dream of going to Korea true. I am working as much as I can, babysitting, recycling, but I still need help.... ****GIVEAWAY**** I don't know if you've heard of Snapchat Spectacles, but they're legit. I will be giving away a pair to whoever donates $50 and wins the live raffle. Additional entries if your friend enters. ALSO, the first 10 to donate, get 10 entries! So if you are interested, here's the GoFundMe link: Thank you for your support! Follow me on: Snapchat and Twitter:@carolinaplease Instagram:@carolina_please

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