Did you know . . . Fairy Tail Facts

1. Erza was originally drawn with a punk rock outfit but the g changed it to armor instead. 2. Happy was going to be named Freyr, but Hiro Mashima thought it did not suit his character. 3. Hiro Mashima likes to put the two main protagonists together. (aka Natsu and Lucy) 4. On the second episode, Lucy crosses Loki's name off of ideal boyfriend list. 5. Ur, Ultear, and Virgo are all voiced by the same person in Sub 6. Wendy was supposed to be a water dragon slayer, but there was already Juvia with water magic. 7. Natsu was supposed to have horns 8. Makarov was supposed to die in the tenrou arc. 9. Fairy tail was supposed to end after the phantom lord arc. 10. Lucy was originally going to use cards not keys. THERE ARE PLENTY MORE BUT I CANT TYPE THEM ALL

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