Writing contest

I did this and I found it fun, and I lowkey liked the story I created with this, so basically in the comments write a story as long as you like, BUT u can only use your reccomended words from right - to left over and over. Example: right - middle -left -right - middle - left .... :) "I am not sure if I had to order a one-of-a-kind, but I can give you a lot of memories" ^ did that now using the right to left method

This is the one is did: thanks for your birthday. we will be without you. you will be okay with you! I love you. the last time you have to do is accept incoming email it your way through the years to come home. I have been jealous at me. my hands were trembling I can tell you that I was facing a few seconds to load the last time you have to right click on a road trip to new York, and I have to be a good idea, but then the next and I will not only was I actually concerned about this. the strange boy got to me. my stomach. the sky. the last time. I have been jealous at me. my hands were scraped aswell, but I can take out the best of the time that you cant trust. the sky. I am, I didn't keep your eyes and began to course. the last time you have a home, and my parents had a twin bed with you. you can never have to be the result of a panic attack,

I really liked it bc to me it sort of made sense? like a loved person is going away or something and this person is writing a letter or thinking out loud idk

^^^ Thats me Interviewer: How do you identify yourself? Me: Side braid & glasses Interviewer: no, we mean gen- Me: Side braid. And. Glasses
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