BaeBum Wednesday Oneshot: Worth It

Happy Wednesday everyone!!! I feel like it has been forever since I made a card for my dear sorry love! Im getting back on track! So to make up for me not posting for him for a week or so I thought I would write a little oneshot for him. I apologize in advance because I know its not my best work but I hope you guys enjoy it.


*Characters are Jaebum and The Reader* "Mom how come those people with the cameras always follow us around and take pictures of us?" your year old daughter ask as soon as you make it back to the apartment. You look down at her , eyebrows furrowed as you try to think up some reason to give her. How can you exaplain to a 2 year old what the paparazzi is? She probably wouldn't even be able to understand so you shake your head telling her to go and get washed up for dinner. She pouts but cutely stomps off her room. So sassy you think as you head to the kitchen to start cooking. The cameras and the tabloids have always been the most difficult part for you. It has been a struggle for you adjusting to being the fiancé to an idol. Jaebum and you first met about two years ago at a meet and greet and from that it turned into secret meetups and dates. The two of you have been together since then. Near the end of the second year into the relationship you surprised him with the news that you were pregnant. It was a shock at first and Jaebum had even consided leaving the group to become a full time father but you quickly talked him out of it. You know how much the boys, the group and fans mean to him. Plus this was his dream. It had not been easy especially after breaking the news to the company and eventually the public, and there have been times when you asked yourself if is even worth it. You sigh shaking your head of those thoughts and begin chopping the vegetables. Just as you are about to finish you hear the front door open. You quickly wash and dry your hands before heading to the door to greet him. You break out into a grin once you see him pick up your daughter and spin her around. The way he looks at her , eyes shinning with nothing much love and adoration in his eyes. " You're home" you say catching Jaebum attention. He walks over to you and places a chaste kiss om your lips, " Y/N, I missed you both so much" he says smiling. You look up smiling at his words and then turn to your daughter smiling before replying "We both missed you too, now go get washed up for dinner."he nods and smiles heading towards your share room. As he walks down the hall you watch as him and your daughter play around you realize that it was all worth it. The secret dating, the hiding of the pregnancy and the constant camera follows. They were all worth it.


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